Cineworld Updated Food Prices 2023

If you are from the UK, I’m pretty sure you must have visited Cineworld already if you enjoy watching newly released blockbusters. And if you are a foodie, you won’t deny a tub of popcorn there. You will learn about the whole Cinemark menu and the most recent rates in this post.

Before continuing with the article, have a brief look at the following summary of Cineworld.

Cineworld Overview 

Cineworld is a kind of a new chain of movie theaters compared to its competitors. Private investors helped the American Steve Wiener to launch Cineworld for the first time in 1995. After successfully running the business for 18 years, he recently retired from his post in 2013.

In late 2012, Cineworld bought Picturehouse Cinemas, which added another 21 locations around the UK. More recently, in December 2017, Cineworld took over management of all the Regal concessions by buying them out, the second-largest cinema chain in the US.

After this transaction, Cineworld Group became the world’s second-largest network of movie theaters. This was a really clever strategic agreement that gave Cineworld access to the most significant global box office market.

Recently, the objective of the game has been innovation. The newest innovations in cinema technology, like 4DX, ScreenX, and SuperScreen (ceiling-high, wall-to-wall screens with dual 4K projectors), keep luring moviegoers back to the theater.

With the launch of their VIP Experience, they have also lately expanded into the premium food selection. They allow their customers to enjoy plush seats, a specially licensed lounge, and access to a buffet of light food before the show at two sites in Glasgow: Sheffield and Renfrew Street. Brilliant, right?

Latest Prices Of Cineworld Cinema Food And Popcorn

A little disclaimer before we move further with the details, the below-mentioned list is based on recent updates; however, there might be a slight change based on which location you choose to go.

Here are the Cineworld food prices:


Menu ItemPrice
Small Popcorn£4.45
Regular Popcorn£4.95
Large Popcorn£5.65
Toffee Popcorn (200g)£3.95
Gourmet Popcorn£3.95

Hot Food

Menu ItemPrice
Regular Hot Dog£4.95
Large Hot Dog£5.75
Regular Nachos£4.95
Large Nachos£5.75
Extra Dip or Jalapenos£0.80


Menu ItemPrice
Ice Cream Tubs£2.99
Mix Ice Creams£1.60
Cakes and Slices£1.90

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Small Soft Drink£3.25
Regular Soft Drink£3.75
Large Soft Drink£4.20
Water (750ml)£2.50
Water (500ml)£1.50
Bottled Soft Drink£2.70
Fruit Shoot (200ml)£1.60

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Regular Mocha£2.50
Large Mocha£2.90
Regular Tea£2.20
Large Tea£2.50
Regular Hot Chocolate£2.40
Large Hot Chocolate£2.80
Regular Espresso£2.00
Regular Cappuccino£2.40
Large Cappuccino£2.80

Why Does The Food Cost So Much At Cineworld?

So basically, ticket sales only provide a small fraction of a movie theater’s overall revenue. Some theater management staff have even come forward to claim those movie distributors, who the production studios frequently own, substantially raise the expenses for the final theater and sometimes pocket up to 90% of the proceeds from ticket sales.

This leads the theaters to find other options to raise their income. So, this is their way of doing it by selling the concessions for higher prices. Did you know that this method has been helping theater chains worldwide make almost 40% to 50% of their overall revenue?

In reality, the real money is made by enticing customers to buy concessions. The theater industry has a great running joke about how good popcorn is only second to drugs like cocaine or heroin. After all, customers are ready to pay the high price for Cineworld popcorn. So, the company finds no reason as to why they must lower the prices because, if anything,  it is just helping them grow their revenue. 

All the other competitors of Cineworld in the United Kingdom charge almost the same price. You can check Vue and Odeon food price details for a better comparison.

How Many Calories Are In Cineworld’s Popcorn?

Along with the high Cineworld food prices, their popcorn also comes with a high-calorie cost.  A small sweet popcorn is around 290 calories, with a large sweet popcorn coming with a massive 1180 calories.

What does that mean? If you want to enjoy a movie at one of their cinemas while staying relatively healthy, your best bet is to stay away from the popcorn or share a small one.

Here is the chart of the calorie count of their favored snacks!

Menu ItemCalories
Small Sweet Popcorn283
Large Sweet Popcorn1180
Small Salted Popcorn213
Large Salted Popcorn811
Regular Nachos539
Large Nachos808
Regular Bockwurst Hotdog252
Large Bockwurst Hotdog393
Chocolate Chip Muffin404

Is The Cineworld Popcorn Vegan?

Both the Sweet Popcorn and the Salted Popcorn at Cineworld are suitable for vegans; Cineworld has formally confirmed this. So go ahead and start popping that vegan popcorn!

Does Cineworld Allow Outside Food To be Bring In?

You are welcome to bring your own food into Cineworld. There is only one restriction: alcoholic beverages and hot food cannot be brought in.

It is forbidden to bring hot food or drink into the property. On-site consumption is limited to hot food purchased there. Licensing regulations will be carefully enforced, and alcohol may only be purchased and consumed in Cineworld-licensed bar areas or on licensed screens.

Coupons For Popcorn At Cineworld 

Good news for you, there are coupons available. You may take advantage of a variety of fantastic deals and weekly offers to lower the prices of snacks and popcorn at Cineworld.

You can even join “Unlimited” and receive around 10% off on the entire menu. Not just that, but for just £17.95 per month, you could watch unlimited movies again and again. After a year, your membership will upgrade to Platinum, at which point you’ll start receiving a staggering 25% off all popcorn and other items on their menu.


Cineworld has developed into the second-largest chain of movie theaters in the United States, behind Regal Cinemas. There should be more innovation in the movie-watching experience in the future. The focus of this study was the pricing information for the meals and popcorn at Cineworld. I hope it was able to clear up all your questions.

If you want to know any further details, please visit!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Cineworld Unlimited limited to a single user?

By filling out the application form on the Cineworld Website, you can apply for an Unlimited Card for yourself and/or for Unlimited Cards for anyone else. There can only ever be one Unlimited Card subscription for each Unlimited member.

What does Cineworld’s standard combo entail?

People over 18 are subject to the single-use code. You are entitled to a free Regular Combo with an offer code at Cineworld theaters. The Regular Combo includes your choice of 1 regular hot dog, regular popcorn, or regular nacho, along with one regular post mix (such as Pepsi Max) or frozen drink. Choices are dependent on stock; substitutes are not allowed.

How much does Pick N Mix cost at Cineworld?

You will get two scoops for £4.30 and 100g of Pick N Mix for £1.45. However, you would receive a 10% discount with the card.

Can you buy food with a Cineworld voucher?

In Cineworld theaters, the gift card’s value can be applied to purchase movie tickets, food, drink, merchandise, or an Unlimited card. It can also be applied online to purchase movie tickets or an Unlimited card.

Can Tesco gift cards be used for meals at Cineworld?

And excellent news: you can use your Clubcard vouchers at Cineworld for three times their worth! You can pay in whole or in part for movie tickets, snacks, and refreshments with your Reward Partner code either online or at the theater counter.

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