10 Best Movie Theaters With Beds And Recliners

Who wouldn’t love to get cozy in bed and enjoy their favorite movie on a big screen? Hardly anyone, right? You must be curious to know which movie theater offers such luxury. In this article, you will find some best theaters that provide comfortable beds and recliners for moviegoers to make their time even more special.

Best Movie Theaters With Beds Or Recliners


Your best option is to go to an AMC cinema in your area if you want luxury at a good price. AMC has joined the trend of national movie theater chains that offer dinner and a classic movie under one roof.

You’re welcome to kick back in one of our AMC Signature Recliners with a tray table in Dine-In Theatres. Power recliners are available, and delicious meals are available. Their famous recliners, complete with personal swiveling tables, are waiting for you to sit back and dine.

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Regal & Edwards & UA 

Regal & Edwards & UA 

Regal understands luxury as we do (and their subsidiaries – Edwards and UA). You can now choose to settle your hard-working body down on one of their king-sized luxury recliners at any of the aforementioned sites.

They are so cozy and comfortable that the words “cozy” and “comfortable” barely do them justice. Nevertheless, they perform a respectable job. They all have padded footrests, so your feet will appreciate them.

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Two different types of seating are available at Emagine Theaters, upping your level of comfort. Their power recliners are their signature product and the reason they are on this list. Their leather rockers deserve a note as well. Who doesn’t enjoy rocking chairs, after all? Crazy people. And rest assured that everyone in this room is quite normal.

Currently, not all of their locations have the new seating installed, but over time, you can anticipate them being implemented in all of their theater locations.


Harkins Theatre

There is a unique event approaching at three carefully chosen venues run by Harkins Theaters. It boasts an 80-foot screen, more than 105,000 watts of Dolby ATMOS 3D Surround Sound, and gold waterfall drapes, which lift up to expose the screen at the start of each session. 

Today, the seats are the only thing that matters. And we’re happy to report that Harkins hasn’t cut corners in this area at all. There are 400 Ultimate Lounger reclining chairs in their auditoriums made from leather to give a luxurious feel while watching a movie. 

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You know, it’s impossible to discuss upscale theaters in the US without mentioning the illustrious iPic Theaters. As far as we know, they are the only theater in the nation with some of their locations housing permanent beds. They immediately rise to the top of the list of America’s most opulent cinemas for that reason alone.

Did you notice that New York is home to three of the four theaters with beds? There is no surprise there; only the greatest will do for a metropolis that occasionally snoozes. If you’ve never been, we strongly advise giving it a try. Even if it only happens once, it will astonish your inquisitive mind.

Marcus Theater 

Marcus Theatre

What would you call them if you owned a chain of movie theaters and chose to replace the standard stadium seating with something a little fancier like beds and recliners, for instance?

Their specially designed recliners are appropriately called DreamLoungersTM. Fully automated and giving you more than 7 feet of space to spread out? What else is there to ask for?



Have you ever considered the ideal moviegoing experience? You know, when the theater plays the movies perfectly? You saw what we did there, right? Movies Just Right Theaters is what MJR Theaters stands for, as we already mentioned in a previous phrase. We’re smooth, damn it.

In light of this, we can conclude that there is only one thing that is smoother than us. And those are the leather recliners that MJR has installed in five of their locations across the country. But no, they’re not just leather recliners. Luxury VIP Electric Recliners make up these chairs. When naming their seats requires four words, you know they’re serious.

Movie Tavern

Movie Tavern

Although many of their sites do offer recliners and many more have plans to add them soon, we had a difficult time finding any specific information on them. Based on the full-service amenities they provide, like in-seat waiter service and a licensed bar, we expected they would have recliners, and we were correct.

Very little information about the reclining seats is available directly from MJR. A few press releases announcing that modifications in specific areas have been finished and are now equipped with plush chairs with tables and call buttons are the only exceptions.

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Cinéma Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliétté 

Cinéma Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliétté 

The renowned mattress company Tediber has partnered with the Cinema Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliette in Marseille to establish a room unlike any other. Instead of the customary red chairs, movie lovers may now enjoy a premium projection while peacefully sprawled out on magnificent Tediber mattresses in this unique movie theater with bed seats. 

The Cinemas Pathé Gaumont has the desire to offer a unique space where every little element has been carefully considered. Since the beds are somewhat slanted, the top portion of the body can be directed toward the screen, minimizing. The fortunate individuals who get to test out this novel experience will also discover a plaid to cover themselves with for additional relaxation.



This idea was introduced to Switzerland by the multinational Pathé, which also established a unique multiplex in Spreitenbach, Aargau. The double bed and enormous sofas had taken the place of the customary red armchairs in this Pathé-established movie theater with bed seats. 

The viewer was made to feel at home in every way. However, there is a cost associated with making yourself feel at home in a theater: roughly 50 Swiss francs per person.


There are numerous movie theaters all around the world that offer beds and recliners to their customers in order to combine luxury and comfort. Tickets for these services will undoubtedly cost more than those for their regular ones. This article discussed some of the top movie theaters where you could go and watch your favorite films while relaxing on beds and recliners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes a recliner from a lounger?

The main thing that differentiates a lounger from a recliner is that it is stationary and has no moving parts. On the other hand, a recliner literally moves.

Why are beds included in some theater auditoriums?

The goal of including beds at theaters was to make people feel as comfortable as home while they enjoy the newly released blockbusters.

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