Movie Tavern Menu (Updated 2023)

I remember last weekend when I was planning to go to Movie Tavern; I was searching all through their official website for the menu. But bad luck, I failed at it. I’m sure even you must have faced a situation like this. Well, I’m here to the rescue! In this article, I have mentioned their menu details by doing deep research. I hope this will help you.

Before moving further, why don’t you take a look at the company’s quick overview?

Movie Tavern Overview

In 2001, Movie Tavern was first established. And many of their local clients have embraced it thanks to the assistance of their delectable food. They have expanded over the years to have about 20 sites and 200 screens across nine states, making them one of the best movie theater dine-in experiences.

One of the critical things that helped Movie Tavern set itself apart from the largest movie theater companies was its dine-in service. They take things a step further by screening classic movies on their huge displays every other Tuesday and Wednesday.

It would be interesting to see how Movie Tavern manages when more and more movie theaters begin to offer the dine-in movie experience. Maybe the Movie Tavern menu will adjust and change to fight back. Time will only tell.

Movie Tavern Latest Menu 2023

Let me make it clear that there might be a few modifications to the menu, depending on what location you choose to go to.

This is the most recent Movie Tavern menu:


Menu ItemPrice
General Tso’s Cauliflower$10.45
Sweet Potato Tater Tots$9.45
Honey Butter Potato Chips$10.45
Roasted Red Pepper-Hummus$10.45
Fried Dill Pickle Spears$7.95
New York Pretzel Bites$9.95
Spinach and Artichoke Dip$9.75
Nachos Grande$10.95
Classic Tomato Soup$5.95
Wings By The Pound$16.95
Fried Mozzarella$8.95
Tomato Goat Cheese Fondue$9.45
Bucket of Popcorn$8.95


Menu ItemPrice
Short Rib & Green Chile Mac & Cheese$14.95
Hand-Cut Steak & Shrimp$17.95
Vietnamese Rice Bowl$13.95
Baked Rigatoni With Spinach & Portabella$14.95
Roasted Salmon Over Brussels Sprout Cranberry Walnut Salad$14.95
Tavern Stacked Short Rib Sandwich$13.95


Menu ItemPrice
House Salad$4.75
Caesar Salad$4.75
Brussels Sprout & Cranberry Walnut$8.00
Harvest Salad$12.95
Italian Chopped Salad$13.95
Ramen Bang-Bang Chicken Salad$12.95
Pepper-Crusted Ahi Salad$13.95
Mediterranean Salad$11.95

Fare & Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Portabella & Pepperoni Pizza$13.95
Margherita Pizza$12.95
Mediterranean Pizza$15.95
Wings By The Pound$16.95/lb
Chicken Quesadilla$10.45
Game Day Platter$16.95
Southern Chicken Tenders$13.45

Sandwiches & Burgers

Movie Tavern Burger
Menu ItemPrice
Portabella Mushroom Black Angus & Swiss Burger$13.95
Tavern Black Angus Cheddar Burger: Our War$12.75
Grilled Chicken$13.25
Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich$12.95
Roasted Red Pepper And Black Bean Garden Burger$13.25
Portabella Mushroom & Fontina Sandwich$13.95
Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Classic Tomato Soup$11.95
Crispy Chipotle Soldiers$12.95
BLTA Sandwich$11.95


Menu ItemPrice
Double Chocolate Mousse With Caramel Popcorn$6.95
Key Lime Tartlet$6.95
Brownie Bottom Sundae$6.95
House-Made Churros$6.95
Theater Candy$4.95

Kid’s Meals (with drink)

Menu ItemPrice
Tavern Sliders$8.95
Cheese Pizza$8.95
Mac & Cheese$8.95
Chicken Tenders$8.95


Menu ItemPrice
Soft Drinks$4.95
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade$4.95
Lipton Iced Tea$4.95
Icees (small)$5.95
Icees (large)$6.95
Bottled Water$4.95


Menu ItemPrice
Caribbean Rum Punch$9.00
Titanic Tea$9.00
Salty Q Dog$9.00
Berry Spritzer$10.00
Peach Bellini$10.00
Old Fashioned$9.00


Menu ItemPrice
The Perfect Patron Margarita$11.00
Classic Margarita$9.00
The Blue Thing Margarita$9.00
Frozen Signature Tavernita$10.00
Patron Strawberry Margarita$11.00
Frosty Modelo Rita$12.00


Menu ItemPrice
Tavern Tiki Colada$12.00
Hawaiian Sunset$10.00

Information On Food Allergens And Nutrition 

No doubt Movie Tavern food tastes incredibly delicious. But if you want to keep your calorie intake in check, then go through their food’s nutritional value before placing the order.

Here is a list of some of the standard food products, along with their calorie counts:

Menu ItemCalories
Large Bucket Popcorn820 calories
Hawaiian Flatbread Pizza990 calories
Single Size Popcorn290 calories
Fried Artichokes Starter700 calories
Fried Pickles Starter w/ Ranch950 calories
Nacho Deluxe Chipotle Chicken Starter1900 calories
Single Size Popcorn w/ Butter500 calories
Basket of Sweet Potato Fries Starter600 calories
Tortilla Chips & Salsa1770 calories
Deviled Eggs Starter450 calories
Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Starter940 calories
Mac & Cheese Delight Starter850 calories
Nacho Deluxe Chipotle Brick Steak Starter1920 calories
Side Salad Starter110 calories
Simple Sliders Starters810 calories
Spinach & Artichoke Dip Starter1420 calories
Wing Wing Starter w/ BBQ Sauce1050 calories
Wing Wing Starter w/ Buffalo Sriracha Sauce1000 calories
Wing Wing Starter w/ Lemon Pepper Sauce1280 calories
Bacon Paradise Burger w/ Sides1510 calories
Balsamic Bleu Burger w/ Sides1270 calories
Classic MT Burger w/ Sides1300 calories
Mojo Burger w/ Sides1410 calories
Portabella Burger w/ Sides1670 calories
Big Cheesy Build Your Own Pizza830 calories
Classic Pepperoni Pizza990 calories
Margarita Flatbread Pizza1310 calories

Are you curious about the nutritional information for their other menu item? View the article on myfitnesspal. It includes the total calories for every meal as well as readings for carbs, fat, and protein. 

What Is The Must-Try Dish At Movie Tavern?

If you want to play it safe by not trying out new dishes and getting disappointed, then here is what you can do; simply order the Nachos Grande at Movie Tavern, and trust me, you will be satisfied. After all, it is their most loved dish.

Nachos Grande
Nachos Grande

House-made, crispy tortilla chips are the base, and delicious toppings like black beans, queso, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce shreds, green onions, and cilantro are optionally included. Beef or chicken may also be added. Excellently appetizing.

A variety of wines, regional and foreign beers, tavern draughts, handcrafted cocktails, and delicious margaritas are available.

Is There Any Food Option For Vegans?

The vegan and vegetarian selections on Movie Tavern’s menu are one area where they could do better. As of this writing, their official menu does not specify which items are vegan and which are not.

It’s odd to observe when almost all other national businesses have chosen to include a variety of vegan options on their menus. Hopefully, Movie Tavern will update and expand its menu to include a few other dishes that are vegan-certified in the near future.

Are There Any Coupons Available On Food?

It will be challenging to locate a restaurant that offers 2-for-1 cocktails or 50% off anything on the menu. Instead, the majority of theaters now provide exclusive membership systems via which they disseminate discounts and deals.

The same reflects in Movie Tavern. They have a unique membership program where, on your birthday, you automatically receive complimentary popcorn and a free movie ticket. Additionally, you’ll receive a variety of benefits and promotions for their cuisine and special events.

This is very comparable to the promotions offered by Studio Movie Grill when you sign up for their membership program, which offers savings on their menu.


This article can be summed up by saying Movie Tavern has produced a very distinctive experience at its theaters, complete with beautiful films, excellent sound, and delectable cuisine to go along with it. You learned everything there is to know about their menu in this post, including whether they provide vegan alternatives, menu specials, and discounts.

Check out their official website if you have any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is outside food allowed to be brought into the movie theater?

Technically, it is against the company’s policy to bring in outside food.

Does The Movie Tavern Menu Change?

The majority of Movie Tavern locations serve the same menu as you see above, with a few minor variations in the contents of the dishes and in the prices. Movie Tavern will occasionally alter and reinvent its menu, just like many restaurants and other movie theaters do with their menus.

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