Hoyts Food Updated Prices in 2023

Hoyts is one of the well-known movie theater chains in Australia. They offer a good variety of food options to take your movie-watching experience to another level. In this article, you will get an insight into their food menu along with the prices. This will help you figure out your next order beforehand and be prepared for its costs.

Take a look at Hoyt’s quick overview mentioned below. I am pretty sure you will learn something new about them.

Hoyts Overview

Hoyts Cinemas and Val Morgan are two of the businesses that make up the Hoyts Group in Australia and New Zealand. After Event Hospitality & Entertainment, Hoyts is Australia’s most significant movie exhibitor with more than 450 screens and 55,000 seats. Val Morgan sells advertising on movie theater screens and electronic billboards.

Hoyts was sold to the private equity company Pacific Equity Partners in Sydney in 2007. The company was valued at A$440 million after the sale. In 2015, the Wanda Group, a Chinese company, purchased the bulk of Hoyts. It was purchased by Life Cinemas in Uruguay and Cinépolis in Chile, respectively.

Reclining seats, expansive high-resolution displays under the Xtremescreen brand, and dine-in cuisines under the Hoyts Lux brand are amenities that are offered at various Hoyts Cinemas. Some theaters have started adopting D-Box technology to introduce seats that move and vibrate in time with the action on the screen.

The Hoyts Cinema Technology Group (CTG), which was founded in 2008, provides installation and operational support for the digital cinema for other exhibitors like Palace Cinemas. Hoyts CTG additionally supports one-time screenings for things like corporate events or festivals.

Hoyts Latest Food Menu

Here are the latest Hoyts concession prices:


Menu ItemPrice
Popcorn (Junior)$5.70
Popcorn (Small)$8.20
Popcorn (Regular)$9.20
Popcorn (Large)$10.20
Popcorn (Xtreme)$11.35
Gourmet Popcorn – Salted & Sweet$9.90
Gourmet Popcorn – Caramel Varieties$10.90


Menu ItemPrice
Popcorn & Drink (Junior)$11.20
Popcorn & Drink (Small)$15.25
Popcorn & Drink (Regular)$17.25
Popcorn & Drink (Large)$19.25


Menu ItemPrice
Soft Drink (Small)$5.90
Soft Drink (Medium)$6.90
Soft Drink (Regular)$7.90
Soft Drink (Large)$8.90
Soft Drink (Xtreme)$10.90
Frozone (on top of soft drink)+$1.00
Pump Water$6.80
Mt Franklin$5.30
Powerade & Barista Bros$6.30
Keri Juice$5.40
Keri Juice Pop Top$4.80
Ginger Beer$5.56


Menu ItemPrice
Maltesers, M&Ms, Pods (Regular)$7.60
Maltesers, M&Ms, Pods (Family Size)$10.60
Starburst Party Mix (Regular)$6.60
Starburst Party Mix (Family Size)$9.10

Ice Cream

Menu ItemPrice
Choc Top$6.50


Menu ItemPrice
Smiths Chips$5.70
Burger Rings$5.70
Red Rock Deli$5.70
Grain Waves$5.80

This was their most recently updated menu. However, know fact that there might be some minor changes in the menu of Hoyts theater located near you.

What Is The Most Loved Food At Hoyts And Why?

The most popular item on the Hoyts candy bar menu is popcorn. The second-place finisher has to be their delicious Choc Top ice cream, a delicious chocolate-covered waffle cone with ice cream inside.

Hoyts Overview

Without a doubt, theaters purposefully suffuse the air with the delicious smell of their popcorn. Not only does it immediately bring back memories of childhood, but it also makes it more tempting to go buy them.

What makes popcorn a fantastic movie snack? Well, it can be prepared quickly, is simple to prepare, isn’t particularly messy, can be consumed in silence, and can be flavored with a variety of flavors. Ideal for a movie theater.

Are There Any Coupons Available At Hoyts?

Typically, no. In other words, you won’t see Hoyts distributing a flier with a tonne of coupons, offering 2-for-1 offers on large popcorn at the neighborhood theater. Additionally, it’s rare to see Hoyt’s popcorn provided at a discount price. If you decide to purchase some snacks, there is still a method for you to make small financial savings.

By enrolling in Hoyts rewards, their loyalty program, you’ll have access to a number of deals and discounts. It won’t just be applicable to the cost of their candy bars and popcorn but also to their ticket pricing. Not at all awful. Even better, it’s completely free.

Groupon is another resource for finding deals. One offer has been featured on Groupon over and over again, by which you will get Regular Popcorn, a Regular Drink, and a Choc Top for $16.00. Unfortunately, it’s pretty erratic and frequently sold out or unavailable.

On the Hoyts Candy Bar, there aren’t any other options for getting deals on snacks. But just because of that, it’s really unfair to skip getting popcorn because what good is a movie when you don’t have a tub of popcorn to munch on?

Free Refills On Popcorn At Hoyts

On the same day that popcorn is bought at Hoyts, either separately or as part of a combo, Hoyts Reward members are entitled to free refills as part of their membership.

Steps to get a free refill on popcorn:

  • Scan or enter your membership card upon the purchase of popcorn, whether it be standalone or as part of a combo.
  • At the candy bar point of sale, hand over their empty popcorn container to a staff member.
  • Ask a member of the Hoyts Crew at the counter for more popcorn.
  • A member of the Hoyts staff will swap out your empty popcorn container for a full one that is the same size.

The free refill does not include the replacement of promotional popcorn containers or the provision of new promotional popcorn containers. Instead, members will be allowed to keep promotional containers and will also receive a conventional popcorn container that is the same size or close to it. Any additional refills on that day must be made using the regular popcorn container.

In accordance with the Fair Go principle, Hoyts reserves the right to refuse to refill a member’s popcorn if it believes the benefit or offer is being misused, the refills are not being utilized for personal purposes, or they are being unjustly shared with other groups or individuals.

Please note that the free popcorn refills are available for only 30 minutes beyond the day’s final advertised session.

About Hoyts Lux Menu

If you’re fortunate, you can also enjoy the premium, ultra-luxurious Hoyts Lux experience at your local Hoyts theatre. The Hoyts Lux menu is extraordinary and offers a wide selection of delectable choices for freshly prepared gourmet meals and beverages. Hoyts and Masterchef judge Manu Fielder worked together to create the menu for them. It stands alone as an experience. One that you won’t soon forget.

So, expect to spend significantly more if you want to eat at the Hoyts Lux.

Hoyts Youtube Video

Take a look at this video we found on YouTube reviewing the Hoyts Cinema in Australia.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, a trip to the movies isn’t considered complete unless you stop at the Hoyts sweets store on the way there and get a bucket of popcorn and some delectable beverages to go with it. More and more individuals are choosing to bring their own food to the movies due to the high cost of Hoyts popcorn.

If you’ve any doubts about the food or popcorn cost at your local Hoyts theater, please check out their official website. In case you want to compare the pricing details of other Australian Theaters, be sure to check out these articles- Event Cinemas Menu, Village Cinemas Menu & Hoyts Lux Latest Menu.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to bring food into Hoyts?

Please be informed that only food and beverages from Hoyts Cinema are allowed inside the theatre.

What sets Hoyts Lux apart from the competition?

At Hoyts Lux, which offers a personalized luxury dinner, a premium wine list, and comfort with cutting-edge acoustics and graphics, one may have the ultimate luxury cinema experience. Visitors may unwind while viewing the newest blockbusters on the big screen at the touch of a button.

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