Cineplex VIP Menu Prices (Updated 2023)

Don’t you want to experience the VIP section of Cineplex at least once? But first of all, you might want to know about its menu prices. Because that’s what comes to our minds when we think about the word “VIP”. Well, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about their VIP menu and also whether it is worth it or not.

But before we move further, take a look at the overview of Cineplex company and especially its VIP experience.

Cineplex VIP Overview

Cineplex VIP Overview

VIP theaters are still a fairly new idea. Many of the biggest movie theater chains in the world rapidly adopted it as their popularity increased. Nowadays, you may have a VIP experience in a movie theater in almost any western nation. However, it won’t be a Cineplex as Canada doesn’t have any.

Cineplex’s customers reacted well to the VIP menu, and you can now take advantage of it in more than 20 Cineplex locations around the nation. Because of this success, Cineplex launched its first 100% VIP-only theater in 2014. Later, they made one in Don Mills as well.

As more Canadians get accustomed to receiving VIP treatment, anticipate Cineplex to continue growing its VIP menu. Additionally, it has been a major factor in encouraging people to visit theaters once again rather than staying in and binge-watching Netflix.

Cineplex’s Latest VIP Menu With Prices 

Take a look at this latest Cineplex VIP menu with prices:


Menu ItemPrice
Pulled Pork$11.50
Smoked Meat$13.00
Mini Perogies$14.00

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Menu ItemPrice
Pulled Pork$18.00

Tacos & Quesadillas

Menu ItemPrice
Creole Shrimp Tacos (2)$13.00
Creole Shrimp Tacos (3)$17.00
Crispy Chicken Tacos (2)$13.00
Crispy Chicken Tacos (3)$17.00
Cheese Quesadilla$13.00
Chicken Quesadilla$15.00


Menu ItemPrice
Pulled Pork$16.00

Salads and Bowls

Menu ItemPrice
Asian Noodle Salad Bowl$16.60
Santa Fe Grain Bowl$17.10
Chophouse Salad$17.00
Caesar Salad$14.50
Harvest Salad$11.00


Menu ItemPrice
Bacon Cheese$17.00
Maple BBQ$18.00
The High Stack$20.50


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Parmesan (2)$15.50
Chicken Parmesan (3)$19.50
Pulled Pork (2)$15.00
Pulled Pork (3)$19.00
Smoked Meat (2)$16.00
Smoked Meat (3)$20.00

Wraps & Tenders

Menu ItemPrice
Chipotle Chicken Club Wrap$16.00
Chicken Tenders$16.00

Popcorn & Candy

Menu ItemPrice
Small Popcorn$7.50
Medium Popcorn$8.00
Large Popcorn$8.50
Poptopia Gourmet Popcorn$7.50
Shake It (popcorn seasoning)$0.50
Candy (Maltesers, M&Ms, Skittles etc.)$6.00
Premium Candy (Kit Kat, Brookside)$8.00


Menu ItemPrice
Medium Fountain Drink$5.50
Large Fountain Drink$6.00
Monster Energy$5.00
Ginger Beer$4.50
Apple Cider$4.50
Coconut Water$5.50
Cocktails$12.00 – $15.00
Beer$7.00 – $10.00
Wine (glass)$9.00 – $16.00
Wine (bottle)$35.00 – $65.00

Reasons Why People Love VIP Theater?

People Love VIP Theater

Who would love relaxing in an opulent recliner while watching a movie on the most advanced theatre equipment? That too while enjoying the luxurious dine-in. You can expect that from Cineplex VIP.

In order to create a movie-watching experience unlike any other, they’ve gone all out and spared no money.

In addition to the sophisticated Cineplex VIP menu that you can see above, each location has a licensed lounge where you can get a drink or two before the show, reserved seating so you can choose exactly where you want to sit, premium in-seat service, and a strict no-children policy to ensure that no screaming children ruin your experience.

Cineplex has introduced fully-reclining seats at a select few unique sites around Canada. Stretch out as far as you can without worrying about bothering anyone by spreading your legs out.

Is The VIP Menu At The Cineplex Worth It?

The Cineplex VIP menu is for you if you enjoy some mouthwatering cuisines prepared by skilled chefs. If you want to take your movie-watching experience to a whole other level, you can choose VIPs if you are also willing to spend a little more. The nicest thing is that there are no distractions while you watch a movie.

What Is The Most Popular Dish On The VIP Menu At Cineplex?

The Cineplex VIP menu does have some dishes that top the list of most favorite meals of the customers. The first one on the menu is the Creole Shrimp Tacos which have received a very high number of positive reviews. If you don’t mind a little fish with your movie, you might want to try this one. Of course, not everyone enjoys seafood, so keep reading.

Give the Smoked Meat Slider a try to be a little bit more cautious. Tender juicy goodness that pairs ideally with a beer or beverage on the side. Delicious.

Is The VIP At Cineplex Really Expensive?

The drink prices on this menu are still better than Cineplex’s competitors. Especially when contrasted to the AMC dine-in menu, where all of the menu items are comparatively expensive.

However, the candy is pretty pricey and a little extravagant, as you might anticipate. A typical bag of M&Ms or Skittles will cost you more than $5. Something that is available at the grocery store for less than half that cost. However, I hope you aren’t visiting a VIP theatre to buy chocolates.

The burgers fall into a high-price category, but their taste makes full justice to their prices. The High Stack is a must-try if you want something fuller than usual. It has received some incredibly positive reviews.

How Do I Purchase VIP Cineplex Tickets?

You can directly visit their website to buy VIP tickets. There you will have to choose the VIP option while choosing your movie and preferred time. It is as simple as that and it will hardly take 5 minutes. The process is essentially the same as buying regular tickets.

If you hold a Scene card, add it and continue while checking out. You will receive the tickets immediately via email, and it is simple and quick. You must be at least 19 years old to purchase these tickets from the website, so keep that in mind.

How Is The Ambience There?

The majority of the Cineplex locations have a whole different area just for VIP visitors. You can take an escalator to get access to their lounge area. It is quite stylish and modern.

Large lounge chairs that are thoughtfully spaced apart serve as seats in the theatre itself. It is pleasant not to be squished next to a stranger in a small, cramped seat. The chair’s legs can be raised, and you can also slightly recline it, making it incredibly comfortable.

Since this theatre offers the coziest seats, I’m not sure if you could ever return to standard cinema seating after experiencing their VIP section. Just watch out not to nod off while using them.


Cineplex has worked hard to make the VIP experience the best it can be. Fantastic customer service, an adults-only club with a license, plush recliners, and a creatively created Cineplex VIP menu to dine on all combine to make for a memorable evening.

The prices of the VIP menu are comparatively higher than normal not just because of the fine meals but also for the ambiance that you get while enjoying it. 

If you are interested to know the prices of food offered at the standard seating of Cineplex, click here- Cineplex food prices.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What distinguishes VIP seating from standard seating at Cineplex?

An elegant movie night out includes dinner, drinks, dessert, and a movie all in one location! Enjoy specialized foods and signature beverages delivered right to your seat in the adults-only cinema or in our authorized VIP lounge.

What is included in VIP moviegoing?

With a private lounge, complimentary dining, limitless snacks and beverages, and our cozy screening room with plush recliner seats, you can make any special occasion even more memorable.

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