AMC Concessions Price 2023

The aroma of freshly popped popcorn may urge you to give in as you enter AMC theaters. Trust me; I am well aware of how powerful the divine aroma of cinema popcorn is. Therefore, you should ensure that you carry enough cash to cover the cost. This is the reason I wrote this article. Everything we could uncover about AMC food prices.

Before we go into the specifics of their concession rates, why not take a brief look at the AMC overview?

AMC Overview

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., also known as AMC Theatres and, in some countries, AMC Cinemas or AMC Multi-Cinemas, is a chain of American movie theaters that was first established in Kansas City, Missouri. Its current corporate headquarters are in Leawood, Kansas. The biggest chain of movie theaters in the world is this one. AMC, which was founded in 1920, commands a larger market share than Regal and Cinemark Theatres in the United States.

It became the largest movie theater chain in the world in 2016 after taking over Odeon Cinemas, UCI Cinemas, and Carmike Cinemas. In Europe, it has 2,807 screens operating in 353 theaters, while in the US, it has 7,755 screens in 593 theaters.

AMC Concessions Prices 2023

Take a look at the below-mentioned list of the latest AMC Theatre concession prices.


Menu ItemPrice
Popcorn (Small)$6.09 – $7.09
Popcorn (Medium)$7.10 – $8.09
Popcorn (Large)$8.10 – $9.09
Gourmet Popcorn$7.09 – $7.59
Added Flavour$0.49 – $1.00


Menu ItemPrice
Candy (various)$3.99 – $4.49
Ice Cream$3.79 – $3.99


Menu ItemPrice
Nachos$7.59 – $7.89
Chicken Tenders$7.39 – $7.79
Pizza (cheese or pepperoni)$7.49 – $7.69
Hot Dog$4.69 – $5.19
Frito Chili Pie$6.89 – $7.19


Menu ItemPrice
Soft Drink (Small)$5.09 – $5.29
Soft Drink (Medium)$5.59 – $5.79
Soft Drink (Large)$6.09 – $6.29
Milkshakes$5.89 – $6.19
ICEE (medium)$5.59 – $5.79
ICEE (large)$5.09 – $6.29
Bottled Drink$3.99 – $4.89
Real Fruit Smoothie$5.69 – $5.89
Coffee$3.69 – $3.89


Menu ItemPrice
2 Hot Dogs + 1 Large Drink$15.69
Chicken Tenders + Fries + 1 Large Drink$18.79
1 Large Popcorn + 1 Large Drink$14.59
1 Large Popcorn + 2 Large Drinks$20.79
1 Movie Nachos + 1 Large Drink$13.09
Kids pack (Kid’s popcorn, drink, Frooti Tooti)$6.89 – $9.59

What Are The Must-Try Snack Options At AMC?

The standard customary snack option to have while watching a movie is the renowned popcorn from AMC. It is not just buttery but also simple to consume, full of flavors, and incredibly tasty.

You can pick popcorn from the concession counter if you’re unsure about what to eat. Either maintain the original flavor or add some of the unusual flavorings to top it with. Salted caramel and cheddar crunch are common pairings.

Despite being relatively expensive, AMC popcorn is undoubtedly worth the eating experience. Even though it is against their policy, you could buy some microwaveable popcorn and bring it in secretly. However, you already know that it will never compare to the quality of movie popcorn.

There are plenty of other snack options available at their concession counter if you feel the AMC popcorn costs are too much for you.

Nutritional Value Of Popcorn And Other Meals 

Popcorn can sometimes be both tasty and healthy. Unfortunately, not this one. There are approximately 550 calories in a medium bag of butterless popcorn. The smallest bag of popcorn, a cameo, has around 350 calories.

Well, you’re going to the movies to enjoy yourselves, right? So, it is just fine as long as you’re not munching a tub of popcorn every other day. Wondering about the calorie count of their other snacks? 

Calorie content of some other popular snacks at AMC:

Menu ItemCalories
Baked Boneless Wings360
Chili Cheese Hot Dog620
Curly Fries630
Bavarian Legend Pretzels w/ Cheese Cup1920
Jumbo Fries850
Mozzarella Sticks770
Cheeseburger Slider (1)300
Cookies & Cream Shake1070

Yes, the Bavarian Legend Pretzel that you keep eyeing every time you pass the candy bar contains close to 2000 calories. It is the priciest and most calorie-dense item on the concessions menu, costing $15.99.

AMC Popcorn: Is It Vegan?

Good news for all of you vegetarians and vegans out there: AMC management has officially verified that the popcorn is vegan.

Unfortunately, the popcorn seasoning is not vegan. Simply request a fresh batch without any additional flavor if you are vegan. They ought to be delighted to do so. If in doubt, simply call your neighborhood AMC in advance.

Here are a few further vegan-friendly accommodations:

Plain Popcorn    

Jumbo Fries    

Regular Fries    

Tostitos Chips    

Tostitos Salsa    

Banana Smoothie    

Mango Peach Real Fruit Smoothie    

Mango Smoothie    

Peach Smoothie    

Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothie    

Strawberry Smoothie 

You can find out about all the allergens details on their official website.

Do You Allow Outside Food?

AMC has a strict “No Outside Food Policy” since selling snacks and popcorn accounts for a significant percentage of its revenue. Although AMC doesn’t explicitly declare this anywhere, there are numerous accounts of patrons being turned away for having outside food in their bags.

The question of whether it was unlawful came up! While it’s obviously not against the law, it might be against company policy, in which case they might genuinely want to ask you to leave the premises. If you refuse, you risk facing trespassing charges.

Having said that, AMC is not the TSA, so they won’t demand that you form a line, the subject you to a 3D scanner, and have your baggage checked in case someone decides to bring in a bag of M&Ms. keep it well-hidden if you’re genuinely set on bringing in outside food.

Are there any coupons available for drinks and popcorn?

Yes, there are. However, you won’t find the coupons to lower the AMC meal pricing there. The majority of coupons on well-known websites are wholly bogus and merely there to get your clicks.

Many people on eBay are selling unused coupons for AMC popcorn and their other snacks. Prior to purchasing, make sure the sellers have enough positive comments.

Dine-In Theaters at AMC

If you’re fortunate enough to reside close to a particular AMC theater, you might be in for a treat beyond the standard movie concessions.

Several AMC theaters provide dine-in full-service meals with seat-side service at the press of a button at specific locations.

This entails that you need to take a seat in front of the theater screen and press a button on the side of your chair to summon a waiter to note down your order and deliver it. It’s pretty dang premium.

You can check out this article to learn about their dine-in menu: AMC Dine-In Menu.

AMC Youtube Video

We found one video about AMC concessions review that you could take a look at!


You may feel that the AMC popcorn prices are a bit too high for your liking, but with the popcorn being so tasty, it can be difficult to resist them. And with the delectable aroma of popcorn filling the air as soon as you enter, it’s extremely difficult to resist grabbing a tub. This article has covered almost everything that you may need to know about their concessions.

Kindly visit the AMC Theatres website to find out more information about one that is close to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Has AMC’s popcorn portion shrunk?

Some moviegoers have noticed that, despite the price remaining the same, the size of the large popcorn at AMC has shrunk. It’s unclear whether the roughly 17% drop in popcorn size has affected their business.

AMC offers free drink refills, right?

Large soft drinks may be refilled. However, medium or small sizes are not permitted, according to the official regulation. It is best to abide by the policy; this is the best way to avoid getting into trouble. Whether or not the staff will witness you taking it is another matter.

Does AMC offer free refills on large popcorn?

Every large bag of popcorn you buy comes with a free refill.

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