Cinemark Ticket Prices (Updated 2023)

To be able to show normal 2D and Real-D 3D films as well, Cinemark has been renovated with the most recent Dolby Atmos surround system and XD big screens. If you are up for a movie at Cinemark, you should know their ticket rates. Here you will learn all about their ticket prices and much more!

Cinemark Theater History

The original iteration of Cinemark occurred in 1984 and was started by Lee Roy Mitchell. The chain’s first operational locations were Texas, Utah, and California. The family continued to run the business moving ahead, and it soon began to buy up small regional theater chains. The theater network expanded to include the majority of the United States in the span of fewer than ten years.

In order to fuel its expansion in 2006, Cinemark paid Century Theatres 80 new theaters in cash and equity bonds. In an effort to prevent Muvico Theaters from filing for bankruptcy, Cinemark bought four theaters from Muvico three years later, in 2009.

Cinemark met its first controversy in 1997 when they were charged by the Department of Justice for not following the Americans with Disabilities Act. This was caused by the new stadium-type seating arrangement which forced people on wheelchairs to sit at the very front of the theater.

After a little back and forth, the case was settled and Cinemark agreed to renovate their theaters so that guests on wheelchairs could be seated in the higher rows.

When the former CEO of Cinemark donated money to the Proposition 8 campaign, which focused on outlawing same-sex unions in the state of California, the business was also embroiled in political controversy at the time. Many moviegoers rebelled against this and started a counter-campaign in competing chains of theaters.

In 2012, a lone shooter opened fire inside a Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado, terrorizing the movie theater chain. 70 more customers were hurt in addition to the 12 confirmed fatalities. When fatalities and injuries are considered, this has since been identified as the biggest mass shooting in American history.

The Interview was just pulled from theaters by one of the biggest theater chains, Cinemark, in 2014. Due to the Sony Pictures hack and terrorist threats to attack any theaters playing the film, Cinemark was forced to take these actions.

Cinemark Ticket Prices 2023


Adult – Morning$4.25
Child (1-11) – Morning$4.25
Senior (62+) – Morning$4.25
Student – Morning$4.25
Adult – Noon$4.75
Child (1-11) – Noon$4.50
Senior (62+) – Noon$4.75
Adult – Afternoon$6.00
Child (1-11) – Afternoon$4.50
Senior (62+) – Afternoon$4.75
Student – Afternoon$4.75
Adult – Evening$6.75
Child (1-11) – Evening$4.50
Senior (62+) – Evening$4.75
Student – Evening$4.75

RealD 3D

Ticket Price
Adult – Morning$6.50
Child (1-11) – Morning$6.50
Senior (62+) – Morning$6.50
Adult – Noon$7.00
Child (1-11) – Noon$6.75
Senior (62+) – Noon$7.00
Adult – Afternoon and Evening$9.00
Child (1-11) – Afternoon and Evening$6.75
Senior (62+) – Afternoon and Evening$7.00
Student – Afternoon and Evening$7.00


Adult – Afternoon$11.00
Child (1-11) – Afternoon$9.50
Senior (62+) – Afternoon$9.75
Student – Afternoon$9.75
Adult – Evening$11.75
Child (1-11) – Evening$9.50
Senior (62+) – Evening$9.75
Student – Evening$9.75

RealD 3D and D-Box

Adult – Noon$12.00
Child (1-11) – Noon$11.75
Senior (62+) – Noon$12.00
Adult – Evening$14.00
Child (1-11) – Evening$11.75
Senior (62+) – Evening$10.50
Student – Evening$12.00

Attributes Of Cinemark Cinemas 

If you want old-fashioned methods, you can purchase tickets in person or else pre-book them online. Just keep in mind that the price of your tickets will remain the same despite how you purchase them. You can choose your own seats also. When you reach the theater, staff members could direct you to your seat.

These theaters are so roomy that they have the feel of contemporary stadiums. The sound system is so flawless and the HD screen is so large that you may assume Cinemark collaborated with picky audiophiles to achieve this level of audio quality.

Facilities Offered By Cinemark Cinemas 

Even when they are crowded, these theaters are exceptionally clean and offer plenty of space. The seats can recline all the way making them quite comfortable. Large cup holders and armrests add more room. There is also a footrest available, and there is plenty of legroom.

The majority of the films that are screened in Cinemark cinemas are mainstream Hollywood blockbusters. You are, however, occasionally given access to art house movies to extend your perspective.

Innovations In Cinemark Cinemas

One of the very first theater chains to use stadium-style seating was Cinemark. This created quite a commotion in the 1990s and even prompted the DOJ to file a lawsuit over the inadequate seating options for wheelchair users. As was already reported, the dispute was quickly resolved when Cinemark agreed to modify the seating layout to allow disabled persons to sit in higher rows.

The majority of the current Cinemark locations use this large screen named XD, which is not operational in any theater but Cinemark.

Does Cinemark Provide Discounts and Special Offers On Tickets?

Here comes the interesting part- to help you save money and cut the cost of your ticket, Cinemark offers a variety of promotions.

Among the most well-liked ones are:

  • Early Bird Discount – Matinee tickets before 1 pm 
  • All-Day Discounts – Specific theaters offering discounts on special days 
  • Senior Ticket Discounts – On specific days, seniors are able to take advantage of exclusive discounted tickets 

Additional ticket reductions are available, including some for families, active military members, and school or university students. Not just that, subscribers of Cinemark’s weekly newsletter email could receive free concession coupons and exclusive offers each week.

Cinemark Cinemas Youtube Video


You can’t go wrong with Cinemark if you’re looking for affordable ticket prices, excellent movie-going experiences, and a variety of services like loyalty programs, charitable endeavors, plus discounts. There is no need to skip a wonderful night out at the movies thanks to one of the best theater chains in the world and its low, reasonable movie tickets.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I withdraw from the Cinemark movie club?

Visit to log into your Cinemark account online. Click “Cancel Membership” to terminate your membership after expanding the “Manage Your Membership” section near the bottom of the page. After six months from the date of termination, any unused Movie Club credits will expire.

Can I resign from the Cinemark movie club at any time?

Through your account, you can discontinue your membership whenever you choose. Benefits last until the conclusion of your completed, paid billing cycle. After cancellation, unused credits are valid for six months.

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