Latest Odeon Cinema Prices (Updated in 2023)

In case you don’t know already, Odeon Cinemas is one of the most popular theater chains in the United Kingdom. From this, if you are convinced to visit Odeon for a movie anytime soon, then you must be curious to know their ticket prices. Well, not to worry, in this article, you will learn all about the prices including offers.

Odeon History 

Unquestionably one of the largest plus most well-known theatre chains in the United Kingdom, Odeon has deeper roots in the past. Regardless of its difficulties, the brand managed to survive for the most part. It has endured war, multiple mergers, as well as serious risks including worldwide expansion.

It should be emphasized that the Odeon theaters were designed to be distinctive from the beginning. They were specifically created to be magnificent, which was very different from all the other movie theaters in the nation throughout its early years. This might have attracted a lot more viewers and helped the business establish itself in the emerging sector. 142 locations were created especially for the Odeon Cinema in 1941.

The Rank Organisation’s purchase of a portion of the company’s stock catalyzed further expansion. Later, the group would purchase Paramount Pictures’ local operations in this nation. Paramount Pictures is an American TV and movie production and distribution company.

The 2000s saw a number of purchases and transactions, which ultimately resulted in the alliances of Odeon and UCI theaters. Later in 2016, AMC Theatres bought the brand. In terms of market share, this made it the biggest cinema chain in the UK. However, Cineworld might already have surpassed its rivals in terms of size.

How Much Do Tickets At Odeon Cost?

Offering a range of movie formats, Odeon continuously aims to provide the highest possible movie experience at reasonable costs. Other than its conventional screen, which is reasonably priced, the aforementioned formats, including IMAX, 3D, D-BOX, and The Gallery, allow individuals with a larger budget to watch amazing films at reasonable pricing.

The theater chain is dedicated to providing a top-notch movie-watching experience to its customers at affordable costs. 

The projected ticket costs for Odeon Cinema


Adult – Standard£13.00
Child (12 and Under) – Standard£9.75
Teen (13-17) – Standard£10.75
Senior – Standard£11.25
Student – Standard£10.75
Adult – Premier£14.60
Child (12 and Under) – Premier£11.35
Teen (13-17) – Premier£12.35
Senior – Premier£12.85
Student – Premier£12.35


Adult – Standard£18.00
Child (12 and Under) – Standard£14.75
Teen (13-17) – Standard£15.75
Senior – Standard£16.25
Student – Standard£15.75
Adult – Premier£19.60
Child (12 and Under) – Premier£16.35
Teen (13-17) – Premier£17.35
Senior – Premier£17.85
Student – Premier£17.35

Prices are subject to change without notice and are regularly updated. Download their app, give them a call, or visit the website for the specific Odeon Cinema in your area to find out the current ticket pricing.

Odeon Cinema Facilities

Innovation has been a key component of growth for Odeon Cinemas. continuously ensuring that all of its theaters have the most cutting-edge cinematic technology and theater furnishings. Here are just a few of the cutting-edge innovations that Odeon has used over the years:


Odeon only offers the best movie-watching services, and IMAX is one of those. Giving viewers the chance to have the best possible viewing experience with breathtaking image clarity and incredible audio ensuring outstanding cinematic effects. Odeon currently features numerous big screens and cutting-edge sound, and it continually brings the most amazing movies for its patron’s thanks to its cooperation with IMAX.

To maximize impact, IMAX screens are typically installed in settings that have been specifically created for them. If available, you can even view the most recent action movie in 3D in addition to seeing it in IMAX. I advise you to stop whatever you’re doing and go see a 3D IMAX movie right away if you’ve never done so.

3D Movies

Odeon is quite proud of its RealD 3D format, which is one of the novelties that has earned it a favorite among devoted moviegoers. You feel completely engrossed in the entire journey when you watch a movie in 3D.

RealD 3D creates extremely lifelike graphics of the highest caliber. A detailed surround sound system will let you entirely immerse yourself in the drama being presented all around you.


I looked at Odeon’s website to check what they had to say about their D-BOX service, and I thought their one-liner about them hit the nail on the head fairly well. It defines D-BOX’s ultimate cinematic experience in three words- Sound, image, and motion.

D-BOX chairs have the ability to pitch back and forth, roll side to side, rise and fall, and vibrate. There are unique controls on each chair that let you manage the movement and, if you’d want, turn it off completely, if it becomes a little too intense for you.

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Does Odeon Cinemas Offer Monthly Subscription?

Yes, they do. Odeon monthly package offers a very comparable product to Cineworld’s Unlimited package. In this, you may watch all the movies you want, and whenever you want, for only £17.99/month which is approximately the cost of 2 to 4 movie tickets.

The price rises to £19.99/month if you decide to add all of Central London’s movie theaters to the list of locations where you can use that card. Before enrolling yourself in the program, feel free to go through all the details and any additional information on their official website.

Locations of Odeon

We always aim to focus on the regions where the network of movie theatres is most well-liked and Odeon could not be ignored. The Odeon locations where customers visit the most frequently every month are listed down below.

  • Odeon Southampton – Leisure World, W Quay Road
  • Odeon Manchester – 27 Withy Grove
  • Odeon Preston – Port Way
  • Odeon Norwich – Wherry Road
  • Odeon Brighton – Kingswest, West Street
  • Odeon Kingston – The Rotunda Centre, Clarence Street
  • Odeon Wimbledon – 39 The Broadway, London

Odeon Cinemas Seats Review

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Final Thoughts

Due to its affordable ticket pricing, Odeon Cinemas is one of the few theater chains that allow ardent moviegoers to catch a film every week without breaking the bank.

Being one of the largest theater chains in the entire United Kingdom, it is known to exceed customers’ high standards by providing the best movie-watching experience imaginable.

Now that you are aware of the ticket prices of Odeon, you should take a look at their concession prices by clicking here!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Odeon strict about ID?

If you are unable to demonstrate that you are of legal age to view the film without an “Age card” or other tangible forms of identification, their personnel may justifiably reject entrance.

Is Vue or Odeon less expensive?

Odeon Luxe is a significantly more affordable option because it simply covers the cost of the seat, which runs from £10 to £10.75 during off-peak hours and £15 to £15.75 during peak hours.

Why are movie theatre prices different?

A family ticket would be less expensive, according to Odeon, than two adult and two child tickets. Along with other factors, prices were also affected by ticket type, time of day, type of film, location, local property rent, and other costs.

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