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Are you enthusiastic about knowing how much popcorn, concessions, snacks, candies, drinks and movies ticket prices cost at the various international movie theater chains? Well, this website has saved the day for you!

This website revolves around information on the costs of meals at different movie theaters. The main motto in creating this website was to consolidate all pricing information in one location for your convenience.

As we all know that most of the major movie theater chains don’t just put up their concession menus on their official websites thinking that it may not be the same for all the locations. Quite understandable.

Well, that actually forced us to do our best research and help you out. We conduct our research and try our best to collect as much information as possible to provide you with all the details that you must know about the theater’s menu.

We are constantly on the lookout for more theaters to add to our website so that you would have the information of all the theaters in your locality in one place. And we help you to figure out the cost of your next order beforehand so that you are already prepared.

About Founders:

Theatrefoodandfun is founded by Diya Mundhe & Gary Hook

About Diya Mundhe

 I’m Diya Mundhe, I discovered one thing about myself: I love writing. Being an introvert, expressing thoughts through writing, and getting creative with it is what seems like therapy to me. Also, I have gained a keen interest in research writing to calm down my curiosity on various topics. And that is what diverted me to work on this website. This helps me explore all the well-known movie theaters around the world and present all the information I got, here on this platform!

Email: theatrefoodandfun82@gmail.com

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she is always happy to help you and will make sure that you find the perfect information for your theatrefood needs.