Event Cinemas Gold Class Menu Updated Prices in 2023

If you’ve been to Event Cinemas before, you might be interested in trying their Gold Class. If so, you should know what exactly is on their menus. You can discover all about the menu pricing in this post and determine whether they are reasonable.

But first, why don’t you know a little bit about Event Cinemas Gold Class before continuing with the article?

Event Cinemas Gold Class Overview

Is it really true that Event Cinemas are more than a century old? Yes, that is accurate. It was established in 1913, more than a century ago. Presently, it is run by Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Event Hospitality and Entertainment, which is also the parent company of the business. There are more than 80 venues where people can see the newest blockbusters on the big screens throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

Gold Class was developed to counter the sharp decline of moviegoers brought on by expensive tickets and the proliferation of internet streaming services. And the experiment has been an enormous success, in large part because the Gold Class menu established a standard akin to upscale dining.

The Event Cinema’s premium movie-watching experience offering, the Hoyts Lux menu, and the Village Cinemas Gold Class menu have effectively managed to preserve and even accelerate growth in the Australian film industry.

Event Cinemas Latest Gold Class Menu

Here is the latest Gold Class menu with prices:

Small Plates

Menu ItemPrice
Golden Crinkle Cut Fries$13.00
Sweet Potato Fries$15.00
Fries 3 Ways$19.50
Twice Cooked Buffalo Chicken Wings$20.50
Vietnamese Spring Rolls$19.50
4 Cheese Arancini$20.00
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Skewers$20.00
Dynamite Spic Tuna Sashimi Tacos x 4$22.00
Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid$20.00
Spicy Popcorn Prawns$20.00


Menu Item Price
Angus Royale w/ Cheese$28.00
Classic LA Style Cheeseburger$28.00
Slow ‘n’ Low Smoked & Pulled Pork$28.00
Southern Fried Chicken$28.00
Grilled Halloumi$28.00
Spicy Karaage Chicken Bao Buns$28.00

Bigger Platers

Menu ItemPrice
Hot Dog (w/ fries)$25.00
Signature Nachos$26.00
Fish & Chips$26.00

Kid’s Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Cheeseburger Slider & Fries$14.00
Crispy Chicken & Fries$14.00
Smashed Avocado on Toast$14.00
Ice Cream Sundae$11.00


Menu ItemPrice
Di Parma$25.00


Menu ItemPrice
Gold Class Sundae$24.00
After Dinner Mint Sundae$24.00
Smores Waffles & Ice Cream$19.00
Nutella Donuts$19.00
Death by Chocolate Brownie$18.00
Devonshire Tea$16.00
Cheese Platter$30.00

A point for you to note down is that some meal options from this menu might not be available at the Event Cinemas Gold Class near you.

What Makes Gold Class So Unique?

There are several other features Event Cinemas has developed to elevate the Gold Class experience above and beyond the delicious meals on the Gold Class menu.

You’ll adore the recliners in all of their theaters—ultra-luxurious, completely reclined, velvety leather seats. Given how comfortable they are, it will really be tough for you to stay awake throughout the movie.

Moreover, have access to a private Gold Class lounge. Drink a bottle of wine or a masterfully crafted cocktail, and unwind. The ideal place to relax or catch up with friends before the evening’s festivities.

Nothing requires you to stand up; everything will be brought right to your chair. Enjoy unbelievable pampering while having food and beverages brought to you while you watch a movie.

Wouldn’t you refer to it as Gold Class when you get to enjoy all of these?

Event Cinemas Gold Class Deals And Offers

You can use the specials and offers on the Event Cinemas’ page for the Gold Class menu. The Gold Class Package for 2 is one of the more persistent offers where you will get two tickets for Gold Class and two glasses of house wine.

If none of the meals appeals to you, spend $100 to have the Gold Class experience instead. Here you will get two tickets for Gold Class and $20 in bar credit.

You’re good to go with a few cocktails and a movie. You can get these deals and offers from Gold Class gift shops. 

Favorite Items on the Gold Class Menu

Favorite Items on the Gold Class Menu

You cannot experience Gold Class without having the Spicy Tuna Sashimi Tacos if you enjoy sashimi. They have avocado cream, black sesame, and chipotle mayo. You’ll definitely ponder if the meal is superior to the film.

Another thing that tops the list of favorites is their nachos. I could not resist asking for the recipe, and they told me that it includes black beans, cheddar, sour cream, diced avocado, tomato salsa, and jalapenos, and to top it off, they use slow-cooked chili beef.

Despite how appetizing and scrumptious the Gold Class Sundae sounds, the Cheese Platter will do better with a glass of wine. To conclude, almost every item on their menu will satisfy you. So, feel free to enjoy whatever you desire off their menu.

Is The Gold Class Movie Worth It?

It’s evident that Event Cinemas’ Gold Class is somewhat costly. However, the value you receive in exchange for that cost makes it totally worthwhile. If you want to make your time memorable, you can occasionally try out their Gold Class.

I would advise you to treat your kids to a Gold Class movie by taking one kid alone or two kids if you have another adult. It is a very private experience that should only be shared with the person seated next to you. It would make a fantastic coming-of-age gift or a unique gift for a particular one-on-one date.

Event Cinemas Gold Class Ticket Prices

At the Australia Fair theater in Southport, Queensland, a regular adult ticket is only $9.50 plus a $1.20 online booking fee. In Bondi, New South Wales, you’ll pay to double that, or $20 for an adult ticket plus a $1.20 booking fee. But how much more would you be willing to pay if you genuinely wanted to splurge on a fancy movie night at an Event Cinema?

The whole “Gold Class” experience at Chermside in Queensland, complete with “wall-to-wall screens” and “fully reclining couches,” will set you back $41, plus an additional $3.25 for online booking. Your evening will cost $246.50 if you employ the waiter service and order a seafood platter to share, a bottle of house red, and a dessert sampler plate.

Event Cinemas Gold Class Experience

We found this video on youtube that tells about the Gold Class experience at Event Cinemas.

Final Thoughts

The goal of Gold Class is to make going to the movies an unforgettable experience, and a night you’ll look forward to. You’ll be hard-pressed not to give Event Cinemas Gold Class a go with a superb menu to choose from and prices to match, waiter service, a drinks menu worthy of a 4-star restaurant, and seats that’ll have you wondering if you’re on a cloud.

The Event Cinemas Gold Class menu was the main topic here. Visit their official website if you need to know anything about them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there complimentary popcorn in the Gold Class?

Absolutely. Popcorn and Choc Tops, two popular movie snacks, are offered in Gold Class and can be requested from the lounge.

What makes the Gold Class different from usual?

The pinnacle of movie opulence is Gold Class. Get the VIP treatment today with access to a private lounge, wall-to-wall televisions, in-seat catering, and fully reclining seats. Get to our particular Gold Class lounge early to enjoy a drink before the movie.

In Gold Class, is regular popcorn available?

Absolutely. Popcorn and Choc Tops, two popular movie snacks, are offered in Gold Class and can be requested from the lounge.

Do blankets exist in Gold Class?

Even a warm blanket will be provided so you may curl up and watch the movie in comfort, but if you do so, make sure not to snore. If you didn’t know, you could order food and beverages to be delivered to your seat at any time during the film.

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