Vue Food and Popcorn- A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Snacks

For those who still haven’t tasted popcorn at Vue Cinemas, let me say that you should. Once you become a fan of Vue food & popcorn, there is no going back. Did that make you curious enough to know the price details of the popcorn and other snacks? Well, this article has come to your rescue to answer all your doubts.

But first, why not take a quick recap of what Vue Cinemas is in order to move on with the article?

Overview of Vue Cinemas

Vue International is an international holding corporation for theaters headquartered in London, England. With overseas operations in Denmark and Germany (as CinemaxX), Italy (as The Space Cinema), Poland and Lithuania (as Multikino), the Netherlands (as Vue Netherlands), Taiwan, and the United Kingdom and Ireland, it runs as Vue (SBC Cinemas).

As of the latest reports, Vue has 1,989 screens for movie viewing at more than 220 venues across the world. Recently, one of the most important movie theater chain deals in history was seen when Vue sold for £935 million. It was sold to Alberta Investment Management and OMERS Private Equity.

Vue still does not offer membership to customers who watch movies monthly for a one-time fee. Well, the good news is that they will soon start subscription membership.

Most Recent Vue Food Prices


Kids Popcorn£2.60
Small Popcorn£5.60
Regular Popcorn£6.00
Large Popcorn£6.50


Walkers Max Strong£3.39
Jacob’s Cracker Crisps£3.39
Deli Crisps£3.39

Hot Food

Nachos (Regular) £5.90
Nachos (Large)£6.40


Chocolate Pouch£3.99
Sweet Bag£3.89
Candy Floss£4.79


Tango Ice Blast (Regular)£3.79
Tango Ice Blast (Large)£4.29
Soft Drink (Small)£2.99
Soft Drink (Regular)£3.5
Soft Drink (Large)£3.99


Coffee & Nibbles (12 oz hot drink and McVitie’s Nibbles)£5.99
Kids Combo (12 oz soft drink or water, popcorn, small candy)£3.49
Snack It (reg. milkshake or 22 oz soft drink, popcorn, small candy)£4.99

The Calorie Content Of Vue Popcorn

Although the food and popcorn at Vue taste great, they include a lot of calories. A small bag of their popcorn contains 233 calories. If you upgrade your popcorn by two sizes to a bigger one, you’ll also eat 767 calories while watching a movie.

This concludes that popcorn, or any other snack for that matter, does not come under the healthy food category for sure. These options are to enjoy once in a while for fitness conscious.

Other Food Items Listed With Calorie Content

Menu ItemCalories
Small Popcorn233
Regular Popcorn583
Large Popcorn767
Regular Nachos (Cheese & Peppers)428
Large Nachos (Cheese & Peppers)729
Regular Yankee Hotdog480
Large Yankee Hotdog590
Regular Brooklyn Hotdog532
Large Brooklyn Hotdog642

If you want to know the calorie content of all their food items, you can check out this pdf- Vue food nutritional information.

Why is popcorn the Most Popular Food At Vue Cinemas?

Their popcorn is still the most popular item on their menu, despite the complaints about the exorbitant prices from many people posting their thoughts online. It gained popularity because of its low price during the Great Depression and has been a standard movie theater snack for the past 100 years.

Today, theater companies all around the world serve buttery popcorn to their customers, and the snack has become widely popular. Additionally, they have all invested a lot of time in honing the skill of popping the ideal kernel of popcorn and flavoring it in all different ways.

Why Does Vue Food Cost So Much?

Has this ever happened to you that you are shocked by their food menu prices whenever you go to any cinema? If so, that would have made you curious to know the reason behind that more than once. Well, the two simple and straightforward reasons are mentioned below.

1. To increase the profit margin

Since theater companies depend heavily on food sales to generate the majority of their income, you must have noticed that they sell food and popcorn at comparatively higher prices than grocery stores. And just to be clear, you will find the popcorn and food price almost the same at any cinema you go to around the world.

2. Because consumers are willing to pay

Did you notice that whenever you go to the cinema, most of the time, you end up buying that expensive box of popcorn? Even though the pockets hurt. Well, just like you, there are many people who do the same. From a business perspective, Vue does not think of lowering the prices when the customers buy on a large scale.

Also, as you might already know, Vue is not the only cinema in the UK with high prices. Wherever you go, you will notice the same. Just take the example of Odeon cinema, one of the biggest competitors of Vue. In essence, Vue’s food costs are what they are because customers continue to pay them. It’s as simple as that.

Are There Any Deals Available For Vue Popcorn?

Unfortunately, it is kind of difficult to find any Vue popcorn deals. There are numerous ongoing promotions available, though, for tickets and other items, but none on any of their food.

Last time when I went to Vue and purchased a bag of popcorn and a drink, they offered me one survey, which on completion gave me a small discount on their food that I could avail next time I go. So, make sure to look for that survey next time you visit Vue.

Is It Worth It To Buy Something From The Concessions Menu?

It is pretty tough to walk past the Vue concession booth, smell their mouthwatering popcorn being served, and not dash over to the counter.

Nevertheless, not everyone gains from concessions. Vue popcorn costs a lot, and it has even more calories. Therefore, although they are okay occasionally, they are definitely not something you should have every day.

Are You Allowed To Bring Your Own Food at Vue Cinemas?

If the hefty cost of the popcorn gets to you, Vue lets you bring food from other stores. The only requirements are that the food is not hot and, if a beverage, it is not alcoholic.

On both Twitter and Facebook, they have reaffirmed that you may bring in outside food.

So, you want to save some money? Stop by Aldi or Tesco beforehand, stock up on some chocolates, sweets, and beverages, and then go inside to enjoy the movie.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, sure, you might be a little more likely to decline the next time you go in now that you know how much the Vue popcorn costs. It will be challenging, though, as the aroma of freshly popped popcorn is difficult to resist.

Why not bring your own munchies to enjoy while watching a movie since Vue allows all clients to bring in food (nothing hot or alcoholic)?

Visit the VUE Cinemas website to find out more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a vegan option exist on the Vue Cinemas menu?

I’m sorry to say, but the only vegan food available at Vue is their popcorn. Therefore, it is suggested that all vegans out there bring their own food if necessary.

How do I obtain free popcorn at the Vue Theater?

Take a survey to receive free popcorn. Vue will reward you with free popcorn on your subsequent visit if you tell them about your moviegoing experience. It takes roughly 15 minutes to complete a survey.

Is the popcorn from Vue tasty?

If you don’t know, Vue tops the list of the most delicious sweet popcorn for its appearance and crunch. Also, not to forget the flavor intensity.

Can I get refills for free at Vue Cinemas?

You will be greeted with a free refill if you buy popcorn at the Scene bar. This is a full-fledged big-screen experience at its finest.

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