Odeon Cinema Food And Popcorn Prices (Updated 2023)

Odeon Cinema Food And Popcorn Prices

Since you are here, according to my prediction, you are about to visit Odeon anytime now. And if you plan on trying their world-famous popcorn, this article would greatly help you. You will know all about their menu items and the costs. Not just that, but this article answers some of the most frequently asked questions by readers.

Before continuing with the article, let’s take a quick look at Odeon Cinemas.

Overview Of Odeon Cinemas

AMC Cinemas’ subsidiary, Odeon Cinemas Group, which also includes UCI Cinemas and Nordic Cinema Group, operates theaters under the name Odeon in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Norway. It adopts the well-known name of the Odeon movie theater chain, which was first founded in 1930 in Great Britain.

Although it was first known as “Picture House,” Oscar Deutsch opened the first Odeon movie theater in Brierley Hill, Staffordshire (now West Midlands), in 1928. Deutsch’s cinema in Perry Barr, Birmingham, was the first to use the Odeon brand name in 1930. Ten years later, Odeon joined the Rank Organization, which kept control of the circuit for an additional sixty years.

Terra Firma acquired the business through a sequence of sales and acquisitions in the early 2000s, and Odeon and UCI Cinemas were combined to become Odeon UCI Cinemas Group. In 2006, the majority of UCI theaters switched to the Odeon brand. Terra Firma/UCI sold the firm to AMC Theatres in November 2016. Ironically, UCI was first established in 1989 as the result of the union of AMC UK and Cinema International Corporation.

According to market share, Odeon was cited as the biggest movie theater chain in the UK in 2016. (although the Irish cinemas were also included within this figure).

Odeon Cinemas Latest Menu With Price Details

This menu will help clear the confusion that you will face the next time while placing an order.

Here is the most recent food pricing at Odeon:


Menu ItemPrice
Regular Popcorn£4.90
Large Popcorn£5.40
1 x Popcorn Topping (Mini Rolos, Smarties, Mini Oreos, Pretzels)£1.00
3 x Popcorn Toppings (Mini Rolos, Smarties, Mini Oreos, Pretzels)£2.00
Hot Dog£5.60
Regular Nachos£5.60
Large Nachos£6.00
Nachos Topping (cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream)£0.90


Menu ItemPrice
The Classic (regular popcorn or nachos, regular soft drink)£6.95
The Deluxe (large popcorn or hot dog or nachos, large soft drink)£7.60
The Sharer (large popcorn or hot dog or nachos, bag of sweets, 2 large soft drinks)£11.60
Family Feast (regular popcorn, 2 soft drinks, 2 kids mixes)£10.99
Kids Mix (kids popcorn, kids drink, kids treat) £3.95


Menu ItemPrice
Small Soft Drink£2.95
Regular Soft Drink£3.25
Large Soft Drink£3.6
Small Ice Blast£2.15
Medium Ice Blast£4.35
Large Ice Blast£4.85


Menu ItemPrice
Regular Candy£2.70
Large Candy£3.25

The Calorie Content Of The Most Popular Foods At Odeon

Even though Odeon’s food and popcorn are undeniably tasty, you should also consider their nutritional worth if you want to keep your calorie intake in check. However, it would not hurt if you consume these foods occasionally.

Here is a table with some nutritional information about their most well-liked products:

Menu ItemCalories
Small Popcorn357
Regular Popcorn609
Large Popcorn812
Hot Dog277
Regular Nachos554
Large Nachos756
Party Mix (candy)333
Milk Chocolate Raisins410
Cola Bottles335

Why Popcorn Tops The List Of The Most Popular Snacks At Odeon?

Since it gained popularity in the USA during the Great Depression, popcorn has been the standard go-to movie snack for almost a century, and it is undeniably still the most popular snack.

Popcorn is simple to eat, doesn’t make any mess or noise, and goes well with soda to wash it down. You cannot walk past their food counter without getting disturbed by the alluring aroma of their popcorn. That will, in turn, force you to purchase them finally.

If you think popcorn is the only snack that is popular among customers, then you are totally wrong. Even their nachos are unbeatable, which makes the customers who are bored of popcorn turn to them. The nachos can be customized based on your preferences.

It will be difficult for you not to like the meal you choose from Odeon.

Are There Any Popcorn Vouchers Available From Odeon?

Sadly, Odeon does not often offer popcorn coupons or discounts. You probably didn’t want to hear that, but it’s the sad reality.

By now, you must be clear that the majority of theater chains’ revenue is the food they sell. That is the exact reason why offering discounts or coupons on food items is not something they think will favor their business growth in any way. 

If you still have some hope, you can look into their promos page to find any offers on the Odeon popcorn. Or else, you can simply register or sign up for their newsletter to find any offers that may be available as soon as possible.

To see whether there are any unused coupons available for purchase, search eBay.

Does Odeon Permit Outside Food To Be Brought In?

Bringing your own food into Odeon is permitted. Whatever it is, they will let you bring it in, whether it’s a snack from home, a coffee from across the street, or something else entirely.

However, Odeon does have two limitations about outside food: it can’t be alcoholic, and it can’t be noisy (no hot or strong-smelling food). You are good to go aside from that. So, you are welcome to bring your own popcorn.

Odeon Popcorn: Vegan Or Not?

Fantastic news, popcorn lovers who are vegetarians and vegans! Popcorn from Odeon is vegan. Odeon has often acknowledged on Twitter that their popcorn is vegan-friendly.

They also provide vegan nachos, which is an added bonus. The past ten years have seen a massive rise in veganism. As a result, theaters have had to adjust to the evolving needs of moviegoers. As you can see above, Odeon continuously updates and changes its menu to incorporate vegan options.

You may view vegan popcorn costs on the Vue popcorn prices pages, Odeon’s competitor, to compare the prices. 

Final Thoughts 

Let us sum up this article by saying Odeon does offer a fantastic experience to all moviegoers with its wide selection of culinary options. Even though the prices of the popcorn at Odeon are slightly more than in other places, we must understand that this is necessary for the viability of their business.

Almost everything regarding the popcorn and food at Odeon cinemas was covered in this article. Everything about the foods, including their costs and calorie counts, is very clearly covered above for you to read.

Simply visit their official website, Odeon.co, to learn more about them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Odeon have a pre-booking option for food?

Yes, they do. I advise you to pre-book your food online for a contactless experience, with all ticket checks being done visually, just to be cautious. A variety of pre-packaged foods and beverages are available and contactless till payments are accepted.

In Odeon, are beverages refillable?

Yes, they are, and I recommend buying the smaller cup and refilling it if you buy drinks.

How much does popcorn cost in UK movie theaters?

Popcorn is often priced the same across all locations of movie theater franchises. A medium costs £4.75, and a high costs £5.15 at Odeon.

Is Odeon strict about ID?

If you can’t prove you’re old enough to view the movie, Odeon employees may legitimately refuse entrance if you don’t have an “Age card” or a physical form of ID.

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