Regal Cinema Food And Popcorn Updated Price list 2023

Do you love munching on some delicious popcorn while watching a movie in theaters? Well, if you are planning to do that at Regal Cinemas, you might be curious to know about their prices. In that case, you are absolutely in the right place.

But before moving further with the article, let us get a quick overview of what Regal Cinemas is.

Regal Cinemas Overview

The Regal Cinema was first opened in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States in 1989. Mike Campbell was its CEO back then. The exclusive cinema experience offered by Regal Cinema helped them top the list of theater chains. The inclusive cafe was much fancier than its competitors which led them to grow its business rapidly.

They ate up lesser businesses like Cobb Theatres and RC Theatres during the following ten years. Unfortunately, they overindulged. In 2001, the business declared bankruptcy under Chapter 11. They now operate over 570 theaters, bring in billions of dollars annually, and are a part of the Cineworld Group, one of the biggest movie theater chains in Europe.

Latest Prices Of Regal Food 


Popcorn (Small)$7.49
Popcorn (Medium)$8.49
Popcorn (Large)$9.49
Cheetos Popcorn$7.99
Popcornopolis$6.59/ $7.59


Medium Candy Bar$4.99
Large Candy Bar$5.99
Box of Candy$6.49


Gourmet Pretzel$4.49
Pretzel Bites$6.49
Cinnabon Gooey Bites$6.99
Beef Hot Dog$6.99
Chicken Tenders$9.99
Cheeseburger and Fries$11.99
Chicken Sandwich and Fries$10.99
Loaded Fries$4.99
Onion Rings$4.49

Ice Cream

Item Price
Single Serve Ice Cream Bar$6.99


Small Fountain Drink$5.99
Medium Fountain Drink$6.99
Large Fountain Drink$7.99
Bottle of Water$5.99
Vitamin Water$6.99
Small Icee$6.49
Medium Icee$7.49
Large Icee$8.49

Reasons Why Regal Food Prices Are High 

You must be wondering why Regal’s popcorn prices are too high. However, Regal isn’t the only movie theater with high concession prices. Look at the concession pricing at Cinemark and AMC, both of which are above average.

Here are the reasons why Regal food items are expensive:

To boost the profit margin

The food and popcorn menu at Cinemas often surprises us with its higher than regular price.  It makes us wonder how they can even put up that much price in front of popcorn. Well, here is why.

This might surprise you, but do you know movie tickets are not the only source of income for theater chains? Well, now you know. To increase the profit margin, not just Regal but almost all the cinemas around the world sell concessions at a higher cost. That is basically their primary source of income.

There Is No Comparing Regal Popcorn

Don’t believe it’s just American theaters that do this; it happens in theaters all over the world. Prices for the snacks are pretty high for Hoyt’s popcorn in Australia, Odeon food in the UK, and Cineplex popcorn in Canada. That being said, feel free to express yourself and bring food with you. Be warned though; they’ll ask you to leave if you’re too obvious about it.

The Number Of Calories In Regal Popcorn 

The excellent popcorn and snacks available on the Regal Cinemas menu have an additional expense in the form of a high-calorie count. The tiny popcorn from Regal has 280 calories. If you upgrade to a large size, your movie, and 840 calories will be consumed.

If you are on some mission to lose weight or stay within your calorie limit, then stay miles away from the popcorn. Otherwise, it is a great option to treat yourself occasionally.

List Of Food Items With Their Calorie Content 

Small Popcorn    280
Medium Popcorn    490
Large Popcorn    840
Pizza    830
Nachos    530
Pretzel Bites    560
Onion Rings    230
Loaded Fries    980
Cheese Sticks    670
Fiesta Poppers    350

It was challenging to find official nutritional and allergen information on Regal’s website. However, the popcorn calories listed above were taken from a Regal Cinema menu, making them very realistic.

Is Purchasing Something From The Concessions Menu Worthwhile?

It’s impossible to deny that it’s tremendously challenging to pass the Regal concession stand, get a whiff of their divine popcorn being served, and not scurry over to the counter.

Having said that, not everyone benefits from concessions. Prices for Regal popcorn are quite high, and it has even more calories. They are, therefore, definitely not something you should eat every day, but they are fine occasionally.

Are Coupons for Regal Popcorn And Food Available?

Their organization is considerate enough to regularly offer coupons and discounts so you can save a little money because they are aware that not all of us can afford the current Regal popcorn costs.

When you sign up for the Regal Crown Club, you will get access to the following food promotions:

50% off on popcorn on Tuesdays and 25% off on candies on Mondays.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Regal is a terrific chain of theaters to catch the newest and biggest blockbusters, and they’ve worked hard to polish their selection of concessions.

Although the pricing for snacks and popcorn at Regal are a touch exorbitant, they are a necessary part of the cinematic experience and don’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Popcorn from Regal is vegan?

Popcorn from Regal is vegan. The popcorn salt, buttery topping, and popping oil are all completely vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Given the enormous increase in vegetarianism and veganism over the past ten years around the world, Regal made a smart decision by introducing vegan popcorn.

Is it Allowed to Bring Your Own Food and Drinks?

Although many customers try to smuggle food or drinks in, doing so is against corporate policy. Additionally, doing so can lead to ejection from the cinema without reimbursement for the ticket that was purchased. Although it could be tempting, we strongly advise against doing so.

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