SM Cinema Food And Popcorn Prices (Updated 2023)

Did you know that one of the biggest movie theatre chains in the Philippines is SM Cinema? There is a wide variety of popcorn and other delicacies available at around 64 of their locations around the nation. If you are curious to know about the food they serve along with their prices, you are definitely at the right place. In this article, you will learn everything about their menu. I am confident that by the end of this article, you will get almost all your doubts solved.

But don’t you think you should go through SM Cinema’s overview first? I promise it is going to be quick, and I know you will find out something about them that you have never heard before!

SM Cinema Overview

The biggest chain of theatres in the Philippines is SM Cinema. From small beginnings, they have expanded to 64 venues throughout the islands, with more than 333 giant screens playing the most recent films.

Thanks to their exclusive services and crazy selection of snacks, they have developed into such a force in the Philippines. The SM theatre popcorn costs are certainly more than reasonable, as you will see from the menu below, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in case you buy it.

SM Cinemas Latest Menu 

Here are SM Cinema popcorn and other food prices included in their menu:


Menu ItemPrice (P)
Popcorn (Regular)70
Popcorn (Large)100


Menu ItemPrice (P)
Double-decker Burger140
Chicken Burger75


Menu ItemPrice (P)
Aloha Sausage Sandwich95
Bacon-wrapped Beef Franks95
Beef Franks Sandwich75
Classic Hotdog Sandwich65
Chicken Hotdog Sandwich65


Menu PricePrice (P)
Chicken Nuggets (6)125
Chicken Pops with Fries95
Chicken Nuggets with Fries95
Flavored Fries75
Nachos & Cheese75
Hotdog Slices75


Menu ItemPrice (P)
Soda (regular)50
Soda (large)60
Iced Tea (regular)55
Iced Tea (large)65
Minute Maid Orange50
Bottled Water25

Chips & Sweets

Menu ItemPrice (P)
Mixed Nuts50
Oishi Potato Chips30
Farmer John30
M&M’s Singles40
Cadbury 5 Star15
Cadbury Dairy Milk60

What Is The Most Popular Dish On SM Cinema Menu?

Are you going to the SM Theater to see the newest movie on the big screen? You should eat some delicious appetizers to accompany your movie! However, which are the best? Even the pickiest snack eaters will find something on the SM Cinema menu that will suit their tastes. When you arrive, hotdogs, hamburgers, desserts, candies, fries, popcorn, and drinks will be available.

If you can’t decide which one to choose, stick with their popcorn, an all-time favorite. Popcorn from SM Cinemas is available in a range of flavors, including cheddar, sour cream, and barbecue. Of course, their traditional butter popcorn is a sure bet. It offers excellent value for money at just P70 for a regular size.

Choose their chicken nuggets or nachos and cheese if you’re always weary of eating popcorn. Again, both are reasonably priced and will work well with your movie. Tell the personnel at SM if the pricing of their popcorn seems a little expensive to you. They can only change in that way.

Additionally, they have relaxed the restriction against serving outside food. You may now bring in as much food as you like!

Can I Bring Food From Outside Into SM Cinemas?

Unfortunately, it is against SM Cinema’s policy to bring in outside food. Outside food and drink are not allowed inside auditoriums, with the exception of reusable water bottles.

However, something is not necessarily illegal just because it violates their rules. It’s up to you to decide whether the danger is worthwhile; ordinary people sneak food into their movies successfully. It is quite improbable that they will examine your bags or take any other such action.

What is SM Cinema Club?

The new loyalty program, SM Cinema Club, allows you to accrue points when you buy movie tickets and concessions online or through an app. You can then exchange your points for benefits like movie tickets and concessions. You can purchase a load for your e-wallet or send gift cards to loved ones with SM Cinema Club. SM Cinema Club members may also receive discounts, exclusive deals, newsletters, member-only emails, and special events, among other privileges that may occasionally vary.

With a Premium Membership, you can take advantage of unique presents throughout your birthday month and special seasonal deals. You can use your points to pay for movie tickets or food during the branch’s Snack Time. Your points can only be redeemed in person at any SM Cinema location.

By showing your club number to the SM Cinema ticket counter cashier for an account and point balance verification, you can redeem your points. You can use your points to buy movie tickets or food when they have been verified. You can view your accrued points in your SM Cinema Club e-wallet and use them for your subsequent in-store purchase.

SM Cinema Locations In The Philippines 

You’re probably never too far from an SM cinema wherever you are in the Philippines. There are locations for them all around the nation.

Here is a complete list of them:

  • Angono
  • Aura
  • Bacolod
  • Batangas
  • BF Paranaqueemiere
  • Calamba
  • Telabastagan
  • Valenzuela
  • Trece Martires

Why Do Cinemas Sell Popcorn?

Theater concessions encourage people to consume more. Popcorn that has been highly salted is meant to pique your thirst. The extra salt makes you want to drink more when you get free refills. If companies want you to continue doing business with them, they must establish and sustain that cycle.

Along with popcorn, drinks are marked up significantly as well. And therefore, the two complement one another nicely, which is nothing but fantastic for theatres from the revenue point of view.

The feedback loop is also important because it makes you frequent the concession stand and even pass it on your way to the bathroom after your second massive soft drink. Furthermore, near proximity to the concession stands statistically boosts your chances of making further purchases.

Why Do Most Theatergoers Choose Popcorn?

Because popcorn doesn’t get too crunchy while the movie is playing and also it is a readily available, warm, freshly popped snack that moviegoers like.

It’s less noisy to eat than potato chips, crackers, etc., so it’s less likely to interfere with other people’s movie-watching experiences. Additionally, it makes cleanup much simpler because there are less likely to be minute crumbs and debris left behind.

The butter-coated appearance and delightful aroma of the freshly popped popcorn will entice other moviegoers to buy a tub for themselves. Of course, this effect soon fades when the popcorn goes terrible, and if the theatre is not correctly/regularly cleaned, it can even have the opposite effect.

How To Contact SM Cinema Staff?

You may contact SM Cinema directly by completing a form on their website. As an alternative, you can look through the FAQs to see whether your inquiry has previously been answered.

As an alternative, you can locate the SM Cinema in your area and contact them directly. Without a doubt, the team will find the appropriate answer for you.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, SM Cinema offers a wide variety of food at affordable costs. Even if you are not a fan of popcorn, you can still satisfy your demands while watching a movie with other delectable foods, including burgers, hotdogs, chips, and a variety of drinks.

Want to know what vegan alternatives are offered at an SM Cinema nearby? Visit their official website and send them a message there with your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In the SM Cinema, are children admitted tickets free of charge?

In SM Cinemas across the country, you may enjoy watching popular animated films with free movie seats for your children. Additionally accessible on IMAX and Director’s Club, Kids Watch For Free.

Is GCash accepted at SM Cinemas?

GrabPay, GCash, and credit/debit cards are all accepted at SM Cinema.

Can I visit the SM Theater without a vaccine shot?

You are no longer required to show documentation of your immunizations.

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