Cineplex Latest Food And Popcorn Prices (Updated 2023)

I’m fairly certain that if you enjoy watching movies, you have visited Cineplex at least once. If not, you presumably have plans to visit soon, so you looked up the pricing of their meals and popcorn online, which is how you ended up here. I’ll say that you are unquestionably in the correct place. This article will provide details on the Cineplex menu and its costs.

But I think you might be curious to learn more about this well-known theater franchise. So, let’s take a brief look at Cineplex. You will undoubtedly learn some new, intriguing things from this article.

Cineplex Overview 

Cineplex Cinemas

Cineplex is the largest theater chain in Canada, which has over 162 sites.  The original corporation was established in 1999, and up until this point, it underwent a few name changes. It was Galaxy Entertainment from 1999 to 2003, Cineplex Galaxy from 2003 to 2011, and now it’s just a regular Cineplex.

One of the biggest employers in Canada, Cineplex, employs more than 10,000 Canadians. Their headquarters are at 1303 Yonge Street in Toronto, where management manages the company’s operations. Additionally, they own the Cineplex, Odeon, SilverCity, Galaxy, Famous Players, and Scotiabank Theatres in addition to operating the Cineplex Cinemas. 

Through ongoing improvements to their entertainment lineup, they have preserved and even increased their prominence. Some of their movie theaters have ground-breaking 4DX technology, UltraAVX, and even the incredible D-Box.

Additionally, they have just begun to roll out more and more of their private VIP theaters. These exclusive areas have some of the coziest recliners available, and Cineplex VIP menu food is sent right to your seat. Give VIP at Cineplex a try if you haven’t done so already. Although more pricey, the experience is definitely worth it.

Cineplex Latest Menu With Prices


Menu ItemPrice
Popcorn (Small)$5.50 – $6.00
Popcorn (Medium)$6.00 – $6.50
Popcorn (Large)$6.50 – $7.00
Add Butter$0.75 – $1.00


Menu ItemPrice
Nachos$5.75 – $6.25
Hot Dog$3.50 – $4.00
Hot Dog & Nachos$6.75 – $7.25


Menu ItemPrice
Soft Drinks (Small)$4.00 – $4.50
Soft Drinks (Medium)$4.50 – $5.00
Soft Drinks (Large)$5.00 – $5.50
Bottled Drink$3.50 – $4.00
Dasani$3.00 – $3.50


Menu ItemPrice
Candy (any size)$4.00 – $4.50


Menu ItemPrice
1 Large Popcorn + 1 Large Drink + Candy$17.00 – $18.50
2 Regular Popcorn + 2 Regular Drinks + Candy$25.50 – $27.50
1 Large Popcorn + 2 Regular Drinks + Candy$19.50 – $20.50
1 Regular Popcorn + Dasani + Candy$15.50 – $17.00
1 Regular Popcorn + 1 Regular Drink + Candy$16.50 – $18.00
1 Regular Popcorn + 1 Regular Drink + Candy$11.50 – $12.50
Kid’s Combo (popcorn + drink + candy)$7.50 – $9.50

VIP Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Cocktails$7.50 – $8.00
Martinis$9.50 – $10.00
Beer (glass)$6.50 – $8.50
Beer (a pitcher)$19.00 – $22.00
Beer (bottle)$6.00 – $8.00
Burgers + Mains$12.00 – $14.00
Salads$13.00 – $15.00
Appetizers (poutine, crispy dills, jalapeno poppers)$6.50 – $8.00

This was a completed food and popcorn menu of Cineplex recently updated. However, the prices and food options may vary based on your location. 

Why Are Prices For Food And Popcorn At Cineplex So High?

We all should agree upon the fact that movie tickets are not the only source of income for theaters all over the world. They make most of their profits by selling concessions for high prices. And Cineplex is nothing different. They have to compensate for the amount they spend on running a movie theater. And let us not forget that the theater owners have to share the major part of their revenue with movie producers. 

The theater chains are therefore left with only one option: to sell the concessions at higher prices. So, now you know that the majority of the revenue that the theater chains make is by selling you delicious popcorn and snacks, which you can hardly resist. You can even take a look at the Regal popcorn prices that operate on the same model as Cineplex.

People are still purchasing it at the current price, which is another reason why none of the Cineplex concession prices you see above decrease. Sorry to tell you, but the pricing will not change until moviegoers finally decide to take a stand and stop purchasing popcorn due to its high cost.

Is There A Way To Get Food At Cineplex For A Discount?

As you can see from the chart above, Cineplex provides a number of unique food and beverage combos for a lower cost than you would pay if you purchased them separately.

What Are The Most Sold Snacks At Cineplex?

Popcorn is a definite favorite in Cineplex theaters because it is a mainstay in all of the combinations. We are also not surprised because popcorn has long been a staple of movie snacks ever since filmmakers began using the inexpensive fan favorite during the Great Depression.

Each of the combos includes candy, indicating that many of Cineplex’s moviegoers still have a strong preference for sweets.

Is it OK to bring outside food into a Cineplex?

Unfortunately, bringing in outside food is against Cineplex’s policy. Outside food and drink are not permitted inside auditoriums except for reusable water bottles. 

However, just because something is against their policy does not necessarily make it unlawful. You decide whether it’s worth the risk or not; regular folks successfully sneak food into their movies. They are extremely unlikely to search your bags or do something similar.

Cineplex’s Popcorn: Vegan Or Not?

Cineplex has confirmed that its popcorn is vegan and free of any animal products. It is not vegan-certified, nevertheless, as the production facility may have exposed it to animal products.

Food Chains, Cineplex Has Alliances With

In order to give their consumers the most variety of alternatives possible and to meet the dietary needs of every client, Cineplex has partnered with a number of internal and external culinary groups.

They have partnerships with a number of businesses at the moment, including:





Panago Mini Melts



If one of these brands is your favorite, then you can enjoy their delicacies whenever you visit Cineplex if that location has these brands available nearby.  

Final Thoughts 

This article can be summed up by saying that Cineplex is Canada’s most famous theater chain. And Talking about the concessions, no doubt Cineplex does its best to offer the most delicious popcorn and snacks. However, they seem kind of expensive to most people. But I guess it won’t harm the pocket that much if you treat yourself to that on some special occasion. 

Please visit if you’re interested in learning about the nutritional value of Cineplex food and popcorn!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the popcorn at Cineplex air-popped?

Popcorn is now popped in non-hydrogenated canola oil at Cineplex Entertainment. This method is second best to air-popping popcorn at home.

Do they use real butter at Cineplex?

Yes, they do. Canadian butter popcorn at Cineplex is one of the most loved options by their customers, and they use real dairy butter. 

Can I get free beverage refills at Cineplex?

Not just on beverages (only large ones), Cineplex also offers free refills on large popcorn.

Is a backpack allowed inside the auditorium of Cineplex?

Yes, it is, but only after the staff checks all the stuff present inside. If they find anything that is not permitted inside, you have to keep that thing outside with them. Later you can ask for it from the staff.

Can I bring my own bottle of water to the Cineplex?

Yes, you are allowed to take water bottles inside. However, this does not mean you can carry other beverages inside that water bottle. 

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