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Are you tired of standard Hoyts theater? Or looking forward to enjoying a luxurious movie-watching experience? Well, let me tell you that Hoyts Lux won’t disappoint you. In this article, I have mentioned all about their menu along with the prices. Not just that, but you will also find some FAQs answered at the end that may solve the doubts you have.

But before proceeding with the article, why don’t we get a quick overview of Hoyts Cinemas?

Hoyts Overview

Hoyts Cinemas and Val Morgan are two of the businesses that make up the Hoyts Group in Australia and New Zealand. After Event Hospitality & Entertainment, Hoyts is Australia’s most prominent movie exhibitor, with over 450 screens and 55,000 seats. Advertising on movie theater screens and electronic billboards is sold by Val Morgan.

The Wanda Group, a Chinese corporation, acquired the majority of Hoyts in 2015; Cinemark acquired it in Argentina; Cinépolis acquired it in Chile; and Life Cinemas acquired it in Uruguay.

Reclining seats, expansive high-resolution displays under the Xtremescreen brand, and dine-in cuisines under the Hoyts Lux brand are amenities that are offered at various Hoyts Cinemas. Some theaters have started adopting D-Box technology to introduce seats that move and vibrate in time with the action on the screen.

The Hoyts Cinema Technology Group (CTG), which was founded in 2008, provides installation and operational support for the digital cinema for other exhibitors like Palace Cinemas. Hoyts CTG additionally supports one-time screenings for things like corporate events or festivals.

About Hoyts Lux Menu 

His features and accent are probably instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever watched MasterChef. Manu Feildel, a MasterChef judge, and Hoyts have teamed up to revitalize and launch a new age of the Hoyts Lux menu.

Overall, the cuisine emphasizes premium ingredients and combines tastes and flavors from all around the world. Additionally, you’ll discover that some of the more traditional dishes have an original contemporary spin. Something that will please your sense of taste.

Hoyts Lux Menu 2023

Here is a quick disclaimer- there might be some slight changes in the menu of Hoyts Lux theater that you choose to go to.

Here is what all included in the Hoyts Lux menu:

Shares & Starters

Menu ItemPrice
Duck Bao$22.00
Duck Cigar Spring Rolls$19.00
Southern Style Fried Chicken$20.00
Loaded Fries$19.00
Sweet Potato Fries$17.00
Lux Fries$16.00
Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls$18.00
Fish Goujons$19.00
Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers$19.00
Baked Camembert$21.00

The Trio of Sliders (with Fries)

Menu ItemPrice
Classic Cheeseburger$29.00
Mexican Pulled Pork$29.00
Grilled Chicken$29.00


Menu ItemPrice
Nam Duck$25.00
Grilled Chicken$23.00

Something More

Menu ItemPrice
Beef Bourguignon$27.00
Coq au Vin$27.00
Mushroom & Sweet Potato$27.00
Trio – One of Each Pie$27.00
Potato, Bacon & Rosemary Pizza$26.00
Pepperoni Pizza$23.00
Pulled Pork Pizza$23.00
So Frenchy Dog$24.00
Spicy Dog$24.00


Menu ItemPrice
Trio of Eclairs$19.00
French Lemon Cheesecake Smash$18.00
Churros in Cinnamon Sugar$19.00
Twice-Cooked Chocolate Souffle$17.00
Orange & Dark Chocolate Brioche Pudding$17.00
Malteser Sundaes$26.00
Ben & Jerry’s Pints$15.95

Gourmet Popcorn

Menu ItemPrice
Seriously Sweet$9.60
No Nonsense Nacho$9.60
Sea Salt Caramel$10.60
Caramel Maple Bacon$10.60
I Love New York Mix$10.60

What Can We Expect From Hoyts Lux?

The greatest of everything is combined into one for no other reason. Modern sound and screen technology, ultra-luxurious reclining seats, and the to-die-for food on their Lux menu combine to provide a whole another level of cinematic experience.

It is admirable, given that Manu Feildel, one of the MasterChef hosts, created the Hoyts Lux menu. At a few select Lux locations, in addition to the delicious meals, you’ll also find recliners made to provide the utmost comfort.

At Carousel cinemas, you will find simple controls, a wooden table attached for food and drinks, and highly plush couch seating. The Hoyts Lux experience has been tailored to accommodate luxury overcapacity, letting you watch blockbuster films on the giant screens without being bothered by the crowds ruining your experience.

Of course, the prices are considerably higher than the average Hoyts snack costs, so perhaps Lux is best served as an occasional special treat.

What Is The Customer’s Favorite Dish At Hoyts Lux?

The Duck Bao is one of Feildel’s personal favorites and one of the best-rated items by customers. Enjoy a trio of steamed bao that have been magically assembled from a range of ingredients. Crispy confit duck, house-made shitake and cucumber pickles, spring onion, ginger mayo, and smokey hoisin sauce are all found inside each sandwich.

Duck Bao Favorite Dish at Hoyts Lux 1

If crispy salt and pepper tofu is more your style, you can also choose to omit the duck. The Coq au Vin is a good choice if you’re looking for something a little heartier. French chicken cassoulet pies with puff pastry on top and a wonderful Careme shortcrust pastry shell.

The Lux menu also offers a few vegan alternatives for customers to select from. You examine the menu or ask your waiter to confirm. Fair warning: you might prefer the meal to the film.

Having trouble deciding what to eat from the Hoyts Lux menu? Inquire with a waiter. They’ll be delighted to suggest a few of their best dishes.

Is The Hoyts Lux Worth It?

If you love going to standard Hoyts Cinema and want to make your experience there a luxurious one on some special occasion, then go ahead with their Lux. Not just the ambiance and service that they provide there upscale, but also their menu is kinda special. After all, it is designed by MasterChef himself. So if you are someone who loves to try some fine meals, Hoyts Lux is for you!

So, I can finally say that if you are someone who is willing to pay a bit more occasion to get an experience that Hoyts Lux, then go ahead; it won’t disappoint you.

Watch Hoyts Lux on YouTube

Take a look at this brief promotional video of the Hoyts Lux menu featuring Manu Feildel posted on their official Youtube channel.

How To Contact Hoyts Lux Food Staff?

You can get in touch with Hoyts directly by filling out a form on their website, Hoyts.com. Alternatively, you can browse the FAQs to check whether your question has already been addressed.

Alternatively, you can find the Hoyts Lux closest to you and get in touch with them directly. The team undoubtedly locates the solution you require.


One strategy used by Hoyts to win back moviegoers who have been lured away by Netflix and other streaming providers is the Lux experience. All things considered, even though the Hoyts Lux menu’s experiences and cuisine may cost a little more than a regular candy bar, they cannot be compared.

In case by the end of this article, you feel Lux is not worth your money, then check out the regular Hoyts menu.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What distinguishes Hoyts Lux from Xtreme’s screen?

The menu at Hoyts Lux and Bar is created by famous chef Manu Feildel and complemented with fine wines to top the luxurious dine-in experience. On the other hand, Xtreme screen theaters feature enormous screens and the most recent DOLBY ATMOS 7.1 audio technology to take action blockbusters to another level.

Can you purchase Hoyts Lux with Dine and Discover?

Through their Dine & Discover Gift Store, you can use your Discover voucher to buy two regular cinema tickets or one Hoyts Lux ticket online.

Are Lux and IMAX the same thing?

The viewing experience in Lux and IMAX is very similar in terms of technological aspects.

Can food be brought into Hoyts Lux?

No outside food or drink from Hoyts Cinema is permitted inside the theater.

Does Hoyts Lux offer free popcorn?

Yes, complimentary popcorn and soft drink will be given to you.

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