Regal Cinemas Ticket Prices (Updated in 2023)

Did you know that the cost of Regal Cinemas movie tickets is comparatively less than other theaters? If you are planning to go to a movie there, you must be curious to know about their ticket prices. Here, we have discussed everything about the ticket prices including discounts and offers.

History of Regal Theaters

William James Edwards Jr. created Edwards Theaters in 1930. It was a family-owned company based mostly in California. The Edwards Theaters were able to host, for a short time, the prime-time film premieres for a couple of the most recent Hollywood blockbusters after becoming incredibly popular among moviegoers.

Only in 1989 did Regal Cinemas as we know it today begin. Regal has now aligned with two other chains, Edwards Theaters, and United Artists Theaters, and so it no longer stands alone. Regal Entertainment Group is the owner and operator of all three movie theater brands.

This Regal saga has a convoluted past. The Cinema chain is still headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, where it all began in 1989. The first CEO, Mike Campbell, adopted a growth strategy that focused on the suburbs, where theaters had high-end furnishings and cafes.

However, the expansion strategy didn’t quite work out as expected, and ultimately led to bankruptcy in 2001. In the end, Regal amalgamated with United Artists and Edwards Theaters, but the new business kept the Regal name. Regal was acquired by Cineworld, therefore elevating Cineworld to the position of the second-largest global exhibitor of motion pictures.

Attributes Of Regal Cinemas 

In addition to IMAX, Regal also offers RealD 3D as a bonus. This special 3D technology uses circular polarization of light to display movies in stereoscopic 3D. The following choice is RPX, short for Regal Premium Experience. The huge screen, excellent images, immersive surround sound, and wonderfully plush seats make this cinema special.

The definition of immersive nowadays is likewise redefined by the 4DX technology. With the help of this technology, you can sit in seats that can vibrate and move. In fact, this technology can replicate many weather conditions, including fog, rain, and lightning. Even the scents that are mentioned in the movie can be smelled.

Facilities Offered By Regal Cinemas

You can buy your tickets online, but this service will cost you a little money. However, you have a choice of seats and can avoid long lines. Additionally available are the Regal website and app. All you have to do to get directed to your seats at the Regal theater is show the ticket confirmation page when you get there. Additionally, you can purchase food and beverages online and then pick them up from the counter as you head to your seats.

They even provide the Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass these days. With this annual access, you can view as many movies as you want, anytime you want, and as often as you like. Even advance tickets will be yours as soon as they become available through this. The pass entitles you to a 10% discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a free soft drink and a large bag of popcorn on your birthday.

How Much Do Regal Theater Tickets Cost?

You may have noticed that the normal ticket price supplied by other theater chains is a little bit higher than the price of a Regal cinema ticket. Simply put, the pricing of Regal theaters is mostly influenced by the fantastic quality movie experience plus the overall theater ambiance. Regal cinemas are incomparable in terms of quality and comfort to any other theater.

Regal has chosen to totally outsource all of the operations to Fandango rather of having its own online ordering system. On Regal’s website, you can purchase discounted tickets in bulk.

Take a look at the latest Regal ticket costs mentioned below.


Adult – Noon$12.71
Child (3-11) – Noon$11.65
Senior (60+) – Noon$12.18
Adult – Afternoon and Evening$14.93
Child (3-11) – Afternoon and Evening$11.65
Senior (60+) – Afternoon and Evening$12.18


Adult – All$22.45
Child (3-11) – All$19.16
Senior (60+) – All$19.69

RealD 3D

Adult – Noon$16.73
Child (3-11) – Noon$15.67
Senior (60+) – Noon$16.20
Adult – Afternoon and Evening$18.96
Child (3-11) – Afternoon and Evening$15.67
Senior (60+) – Afternoon and Evening$16.20


Adult – Noon$17.68
Child (3-11) – Noon$16.62
Senior (60+) – Noon$17.15
Adult – Afternoon and Evening$19.91
Child (3-11) – Afternoon and Evening$16.62
Senior (60+) – Afternoon and Evening$17.15

For precise prices for the hours and dates you are interested in, kindly get in touch with your neighborhood theater. Additionally, they provide some of the best pricing alternatives, with reductions for seniors, students, and active military personnel.

The Regal movie ticket prices given in the table above are simply indicative because there are hundreds of theaters.

Does Regal Cinemas Provide Discounts On Movie Tickets?

For both students with IDs and active military members, several Regal Cinemas provide special discounts. However, Regal is reluctant to announce exactly which locations provide them or the particular value of the discounts.

On the other side, Regal is pleased to support the global trend that offers deeply discounted tickets on specific days and in specific areas. Just a few examples of the discounted days are shown below:

  • Regal Fairfax Towne Center 10 – $5.95 movie tickets ALL DAY Wednesday + $6.45 movie tickets for every first show of the day
  • Regal Crystal Lake Showplace Stadium 16 – $6.59 movie tickets ALL DAY Tuesday
  • Regal Division Street Stadium 13 – $6.10 movie tickets ALL DAY Sunday & Tuesday
  • Regal Escondido Stadium 16 & IMAX – $7.50 movie tickets EVERY DAY before 12 pm

As you can tell by now, going to the theater on a special offer day may save you close to 50% off the price of a regular-priced ticket. You must have probably heard of Costco, and if not, one of their big draws for customers is the opportunity to save money by purchasing items in bulk. The offer is similar at Regal. You can purchase Premiere Movie Tickets or Ultimate Movie Packs in bulk through their own website.

I advise you to call a few Regal locations in your area and inquire whether they provide military or student discounts, depending on what you’re looking for, either over the phone or in person.

About Regal Crown Club

To encourage their consumers to remain to do business with them, numerous businesses across a wide range of industries have implemented some kind of incentives or loyalty program. Regal is no different, either.

The Regal Crown Club provides its members with some ways to accumulate points through purchases and redeem those points for various benefits.

You may earn 100 credits for each dollar that you spend on their tickets and concessions. Now, you can spend those credits to redeem incentives to buy movie tickets and snacks the next time you visit them.

For instance, you will get an upgrade on a soft drink with 1,500 credits or a free 2D movie ticket with 15,000 credits. 

Regal Cinemas Youtube Video


You’ll be happy to know that a Regal Entertainment Group theater will be waiting in over 580 locations across the states. Waiting for you to stop by and experience the cutting-edge technology and incredibly comfy chairs while watching one of the newest blockbuster movies at their reasonable ticket pricing. Not only that, but when compared to the company’s primary competitors, AMC and Cineplex, Regal theater ticket pricing is typically far more value-oriented. 

If you are interested in knowing Regal Cinemas Concessions prices, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get a full refund at Regal Cinemas?

Regal provides full refunds only if you cancel the tickets up to 60 minutes before the showtime. 

Is a Regal movie pass worth the money?

If you are someone who watches movies at least twice a month, then it should definitely be worth it for you.

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