Village Cinemas Latest Food Prices updated in 2023

If you are from Australia, you must already know how popular Village Cinemas is for its food options, massive displays, and superb sound quality. Find out more about the Village Cinemas’ food prices here. I am pretty sure you will get almost all your doubts clear by the end of this article.

I thought you would find this concise summary of Village Cinemas interesting.

Village Cinemas Overview

Blockbuster, mainstream, kids’, and family movies are screened at Village Cinemas, an international movie theater chain with an Australian foundation that also screens some arthouse, foreign language, and documentaries. Australian Theaters was created in 2003 as a joint venture between Village Roadshow and Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL), which is now Event Hospitality and Entertainment.

Before this, Village Cinemas served as the original parent company of Village Roadshow, starting in 1954, the year the first drive-in theater opened, and beginning in 1988, Warner Bros. acquired a third interest in the chain.

The Village Cinemas brand also operates in a variety of ways in some international markets, whether as a joint venture with Village Roadshow or under license, where they are also present in Event Hospitality and Entertainment’s Event Cinemas/Greater Union/Birch Carroll & Coyle and many other international movie theater chains.

In accordance with the content, Village Cinemas selectively screens some independently generated films and has output agreements with all major film distributors.

Village Cinemas Latest Food Menu

The most recent Village Cinemas concession pricing is listed below.


Menu ItemPrice
Small Popcorn$8.50
Regular Popcorn$9.50
Large Popcorn$10.50
Gourmet Popcorn$9.00


Menu ItemPrice
Burger Rings$5.00
Red Rock Deli$5.00

Hot Food

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Strips$9.00
Hot Dogs$9.00
Spiral Cut Chips$9.00
Hot Jam Donuts$8.00


Menu ItemPrice
Fairy Floss$9.00
Chocolate Bars$4.50
Snakes/Party Mix$6.50
Chocolate Bags$7.50
Choc Top$7.00


Menu ItemPrice
Junior Combo (kids popcorn, small drink, chocolate treat)$10.00
Small My Combo (popcorn & drink)$12.00
Regular My Combo (popcorn & drink)$14.00
Large My Combo (popcorn & drink)$15.00
Gourmet My Combo (popcorn & drink)$20.00
Classic Combo (large popcorn, 2 large drinks, 2 ice creams)$26.00
Family Combo (4 small popcorn, 4 small drinks, 4 chocolate treats)$30.00
BFF Combo (2 regular popcorn, 2 regular drinks, bag of chips)$26.00
Our Combo (large popcorn, 2 large drinks)$19.50
Vrewards Combo (regular popcorn, regular drink)$10.00


Menu ItemPrice
Small Soft Drink$7.00
Regular Soft Drink$8.00
Large Soft Drink$9.00
Mt Franklin 600ml$4.90
Mt Franklin Sparkling$4.90
Deep Spring$5.50
Fuze Iced Tea$6.00
Monster Energy Drink$5.50

Why Is the Food at Village Cinemas So Expensive?

People are still willing to pay the present pricing, which is the key factor in the high cost of Village Cinemas popcorn. If there is a market for popcorn at the current pricing, it is unlikely that they will alter anytime soon.

Consider this: if everyone stopped paying the high price for popcorn, wouldn’t they have to reduce the price to increase sales? But it’s too tasty for people to organize such a protest; that’s not going to happen! The Village Cinemas candy bar also contributes significantly to its revenue. 

Sure, they might only account for a small portion of total sales, but according to some research, they generate up to 40% to 45% of the profits. Having said that, it won’t stop the local media from writing headlines about how movie theaters play scams by selling popcorn for such high prices.

Remember that other movie theater chains in Australia besides Village Cinemas charge more for their popcorn and food.

How Healthy Is Village Popcorn?

You probably should not eat popcorn from Village Cinemas if you want to maintain good health and consume a few calories each day.

You can view a MyFitnessPal analysis of the nutritional content of Village Cinema’s meals.

According to CalorieKing, a small bag of popcorn has 300 calories, while a medium bag has 630 calories. Therefore, it is recommended to bring your own food if you want to enjoy a movie with some snacks while maintaining your health.

You’ll be able to portion out exact amounts to meet your requirement without feeling bad now that you know how many calories are being dished up in the popcorn at your favorite movie theater. Or splurge and devour a whole box by yourself. Whatever the case, friends, go forth and savor the delicious buttery saltiness!

Is The Popcorn At Village Cinema Vegan?

The salted popcorn is one of the few vegan options at the Village Cinemas candy bar. For instance, even if AMC popcorn is expensive in America, the seasoning that is added after it is not vegan. Everyone will then be able to receive what they desire. Isn’t it fantastic?

Ask the server in advance or contact the company’s corporate office if you want to be absolutely sure that Village’s popcorn is vegan.

Why Do Movie Theaters Sell Popcorn?

Concessions at theaters encourage audience members to consume more. The purpose of heavily salted popcorn is to make you crave drinks. When you get free refills, the additional salt makes you want to drink more. It’s crucial for businesses to start and maintain that cycle if they want you to keep doing business with them.

In addition to the popcorn, drinks also have a significant markup. Consequently, the two work well together, which is great for theaters.

Additionally, a crucial component of the feedback loop is that it causes you to frequently visit the concession stand and even pass it on your way to the restroom after your second enormous soft drink. Additionally, being close to the concession counter statistically increases the likelihood that you’ll make another purchase.

Why Do Most People Choose Popcorn At Theatres?

Popcorn is a warm, freshly popped snack that theatre patrons enjoy because it doesn’t get too crunchy while the movie plays and is available in big quantities.

Compared to potato chips, crackers, etc., it’s less noisy to eat, making it less likely to disrupt other people’s movie-watching experiences. Additionally, it’s less likely to leave behind tiny crumbs and particles, making cleanup substantially simpler.

A delicious aroma from the freshly popped popcorn and butter-coated exterior will persuade other theatergoers to purchase a tub for themselves. (Of course, this impact quickly diminishes as the popcorn becomes stale and may even have the opposite effect if the theatre is not regularly/adequately cleaned.)

Village Cinemas Youtube

Here is Village Cinemas’ Glod Class introduction video that you might be interested to look into!

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Overall, the candy bars sold at Village Cinemas are pretty pricey, but they are also incredibly tasty and difficult to resist, especially their popcorn. It’s pretty difficult to resist when the scent of it permeates the room as soon as you enter the theater to watch a film. Everything relating to the Village Cinemas’ food menu was the subject of this article.

If you want to find out more about your nearby Village Cinemas, then visit their official website,

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the pricing on the Village Cinemas menu on Uber Eats the same?

Prices on the Village Cinemas menu posted on Uber Eats may not match those in the restaurant.

How can I make an online Village Cinemas order?

After deciding which Village Cinemas location you want to order from, you may browse the menu there, make your selections, and submit an online order for Village Cinemas delivery.

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