Maya Cinemas Ticket Prices (Updated in 2023)

Are you up for a movie? Why don’t you try Maya Cinemas if you haven’t already? This theater chain has numerous multiplexes in California. If you are curious to know their ticket prices, you are undoubtedly at the right place. This article revolved around Maya Cinemas movie tickets and much more!

But before we move forward with the article, go through this brief overview of Maya Cinemas to learn a bit about them.

Maya Cinemas Overview

In comparison to some of the 100-year-old chains around the nation, the Maya Cinema chain of movie theaters is a relative newcomer to the market. Near 2005, Moctesuma Esparza erected the first Maya multiplex, a 14-screen theater, in Salinas, California. Following that, the firm opened 16 other multiplexes in the State of California and has plans to develop dozens more in Texas.

One of Maya Cinemas’ expansion mottos is to create a chain of megaplex movie theaters with an aim of giving moviegoers the most luxurious experience possible. The bulk of its proposed movie theater complexes are either brand-new or located in market areas that are still being developed.

But as time has gone on, they have leveled up the number of theaters they run, reducing their total to just 4 locations out of which are in California.

Additionally, the corporation intends to open movie theaters in communities with a significant Latino population. Even its concession menu offers traditional delicacies in addition to Latin American favorites like churros and burritos. While all of the theaters have a Mayan theme, many movies screened in Maya cinemas have Spanish subtitles to appeal to the Latino market.

In Maya Cinemas, Dolby ATMOS technology is available. Thanks to technology, filmmakers may position and move the noises exactly where they want them, to the side, in front, or even overhead. The intention is to increase the audio-based impact of each scene and, as a result, the viewer’s sense of immersion in the movie.

Maya Cinema Ticket Prices 2023


Children – Matinee Starting Price$7.01
Adult – Matinee Starting Price$7.01
Senior – Matinee Starting Price$7.01
Children – Evening Starting Price$7.01
Adult – Evening Starting Price$10.00
Senior – Evening Starting Price$7.01

3D Movies

Children – Matinee Starting Price$9.01
Adult – Matinee Starting Price$9.01
Senior – Matinee Starting Price$9.01
Children – Evening Starting Price$9.01
Adult – Evening Starting Price$12.00
Senior – Evening Starting Price$9.01


Children – Matinee Starting Price$8.01
Adult – Matinee Starting Price$8.01
Senior – Matinee Starting Price$8.01
Children – Evening Starting Price$8.01
Adult – Evening Starting Price$11.00
Senior – Evening Starting Price$8.01


Children – Matinee Starting Price$9.50
Adult – Matinee Starting Price$10.00
Senior – Matinee Starting Price$9.50
Children – Evening Starting Price$9.01
Adult – Evening Starting Price$12.00
Senior – Evening Starting Price$9.01

Attributes Of Maya Cinemas

With its enormous silver MPX displays and laser projection technology, Maya provides both 2D and 3D movies. The immaculately kept screens create the illusion that moviegoers are present, in the middle of the action.

The sound is similarly amazing and emanates in a 360-degree circle. Even when the characters are whispering, the audience can still hear what they are saying thanks to the audio’s amazing clarity and crispness. The accurate sound quality provided by Atmos technology significantly improves the immersive experience.

Many people who use the D-Box Motion Technology will be astounded by the cinematic realism that Maya Cinemas offers. With the help of this technology, viewers can even experience up-and-down and side-to-side motion, with the theater seats swaying periodically. This offers diverse settings a totally new depth.

Facilities Of Maya Cinemas

Maya Cinemas’ dine-in options are absolutely incredible if you desire a luxurious movie-watching experience. Their Coca-Cola Freestyle offers around a hundred plus variations, allowing customers to choose from the cozy, well-known selections or explore novel, esoteric possibilities. There are numerous pizza varieties available at the Orville Redenbacher.

You can also buy or pre-book tickets online. Not just that, but you can even rent out movie theaters for private screenings so that you can enjoy the newest blockbusters with your loved ones on some special occasion.

Gift certificates are available from Maya Cinemas that you may give to loved ones. Both the concession stands and the ticket window accept them for redemption. Another choice for treating groups to a customized movie-going experience is the Director’s Package. With your choice of movies, a combo concession tray for kids, and a party area that can be used before or after the movie, it’s especially suitable for kiddie parties.

Maya Cinema Locations

Typically, we prefer to look at a few of the busiest spots from each theater to get a sense of how well-liked they are. Since Maya Cinemas only has four locations, we might as well list them all along with a brief description of each one’s location and the opinions of recent moviegoers.

Here is what we discovered:

  • Maya Cinemas Salinas 14 -153 Main St, Salinas, CA
  • Maya Cinemas Bakersfield 16 – 1000 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA
  • Maya Cinemas Pittsburg Century Plaza 16 – Century Plaza Shopping Center, 4085 Century Blvd, Pittsburg, CA
  • Maya Cinemas Fresno 16 – 3090 E Campus Pointe Dr, Fresno, CA

As you can tell already, throughout the past few years, every one of their locations has maintained an incredibly high customer satisfaction rating. We can only assume that management’s decision to concentrate their efforts on fewer locales was a wise one.

Maya Cinemas Youtube Video


Anyone from California must have visited Maya Cinemas or at least heard of it. This theater chain offers affordable movie tickets plus some incredible services that can be enjoyed by all types of moviegoers. This article has covered all their tickets pricings, and the features and amenities of this theater to help you out. 

In case you are curious to know about the discounts they offer on movie tickets, please visit their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a student or military discount at Maya Cinemas?

For students and active military personnel, Maya Cinemas does provide special prices, discounts, and unique promos. These deals aren’t always accessible in all places. Subscribe to the newsletter for your location to learn more about these exclusive deals.

What is MPX Maya cinema?

MPX is a premium theatre experience featuring superb digital projection and a breathtaking multidimensional sound that flows all around you and brings you into the story. MPX’s clarity of sound effects is phenomenal and delivers total immersion into the film.

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